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25 August 10

Bra Review on Moving Comfort Sports Bra

What is the best sports bra? Is one of the most frequently asked questions I get asked. Which sports bra reduces the most bounce Berlei sports bra and Triumph sports bra are the most popular sports bras for smaller cups. Are they the best? No, however they have the marketing budget to get maximum exposure. One of America's leading sports bra designers have recently hit Australian shores and I am here to tell you that Moving Comfort will revolutionise Australian women's exercise regimes.

I recently got asked to road test the Moving Comfort sport bras so I wanted to really test them before I wrote a review as I think it is incredibly important that we wear a good sports bra. I run 3km six days a week and I have GG Cup breasts so I need great support otherwise well it hurts. So here's what I have to say-

Bra Review on Moving Comfort's Fiona 

Cost:- $79.95

Material:- 10/10

Support:- 9/10

Comfort:- 10/10

Lift:- 10/10

Over All:- 9.5 /10

Bra Queen's Comments- Although this bra only goes up to an American DD Cup they are a bigger fit because I can fit into the DD Cup comfortably. I usually wear the Enell sports bra and I love it because there is no bounce but it is quite uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time as it does bind your breasts and the material doesn't absorb sweat. But this non underwire Fiona sports bra... oh my god is so comfy to wear you can wear it all day if you want too, the material is so light on the skin and it absorbs sweat so you don't get any rash or irritation. The support is fantastic I can run and with very little bounce. Washes great and drys really fast so if you do triathlons that is a great thing.

Bra Review on Moving Comfort Maia

Cost:- $84.95

Material:- 10/10

Support:- 9/10

Comfort:- 9/10

Lift:- 10/10

Over All:- 9.5 /10

Bra Queen's Comments- Maia is an underwire sports bra and like it's sister Fiona it is so comfortable on it is so light to wear and super supportive. Again it is a slightly bigger cut then the Australian bra sizing that we're used too so ensure you try before you buy because my GG Cups can fit into the DD Cup (just). What I love most about both of these sports bras is the material and their ability to absorb sweat so when you run there is no chaffing at all.

All in all I am extremely impressed by the quality, support, comfort and the minimal bounce these Moving Comfort Sports Bras have. Both bras come straight across the back like everyday bras they are not racer back. What I admire about the Moving Comfort company is the fact that they only do a sports range and they are constantly researching the best materials, shapes and structures to ensure they are delivering a premium product.

Disclaimer: All bra reviews I conduct are unpaid nor are affiliated to Bra Queen in anyway. The views, conclusions, findings and opinions of the author are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the product owners, producers and there affiliates.

The Australian sotckists are:-

Victoria – - Prahran

Sports Conscious - Brighton

Bare Necessities – Frankston

Petticoat Junction – Eltham


The Running Edge - Hobart

Mary’s Lingerie – Burnie

WA –

Sports Fever

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  • Great reviews – helpful for all our larger chested clients. I’ll provide a link to this post in our e-newsletter for our female clients. 🙂

  • Thank you, I have just review an update that they are expanding their cup sizes in the very near future so I’ll keep you posted.

    Renee xx

  • Jane

    I have also bought another Moving Comfort bra from called the JUNO. I am a 34C and play netball and run. Best sports bra ever and no bounce! I love these bras!

    • braqueen

      That’s great Jane!
      I am waiting on stock to arrive on Juno then I’ll be reviewing that as well. I know I think I’m in love 🙂

  • Sandra

    great review, but out off the two do your prefer the Fiona or Maia? very informative.

    • braqueen

      Thank you! Hard to say I started liking the Maia at first however now I actually like both. However I must say I think the Juno will be outstanding so I really can’t wait to try it.

    • You know what, I’m very much icnleind to agree.

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