21 November 11

Bra Review on Fines Lines 5 Way Convertible Bra

With Summer here and we are bringing out our dresses that don't always make it easy to wear a bra there are halter necks, cross over backs, backless and even halter backless. This Fine Lines convertible bra allows you to wear any dress or top and still be supported.

Cost- $39.95
Lift- 10/10
Separation- 10/10
Quality- 10/10
Shape- 10/10
Material- 10/10

Over All- 10/10

Bra Queen’s Comments- Now this bra is one of my favourite bras ever! It is great value for money and it really does tick all the boxes. It gives your breasts the best shape, it's super comfortable and the support is to die for. The only down side to this bra is it only goes up to DD Cup which they are working on but shhh don't tell them I told you! Oh and the other downside is you will want to buy another one as you will not want to take it off because you can wear it as an everyday bra as well.

Bra Sizes 10 to 18, Bra Cup Size A to DD

Available at www.finelineslingerie.com.au

Disclaimer: The views, conclusions, findings and opinions of the author are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the product owners, producers and there affiliates. Nor is Bra Queen an affiliate of any bras she reviews.



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  • Ginger

    Hi Renee
    The link takes you to RL039 which is a Bravo Full Coverage Bra. Can you pls advise the correct model number of the 5 way convertible, there are a couple there and I’m not sure which one you are referring to.

    Thanks, Ginger

    • braqueen

      Sorry Ginger the links are all fixed! The correct one is RL026 however depending on your shape the convertible BE024 is also very good. Rx

  • Robert

    Thank’s,for the review! Although,i don’t get to wear it as often as i would like.. The convertible bra truly lives by it’s name. No matter what dress or top that i’m wearing,i always can count on this bra.. When i first bought it,i was extremely surprise to find out how comfortable i felt wearing it… Hopefully more colors are available in the future…

  • braqueen

    Yes, it is a great bra and very comfortable. They are revising it as we speak 🙂


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