10 November 09

Bra Review on Curvy Kate

Curvy Kate's Emily, Princess, Ella, Angel, Portia Curvy Kate's Soft Cup Bras
Cost- $94.95
Lift- 6/10
Separation- 8/10
Quality- 6/10
Shape- 4/10
Material- 4/10

Over All- 5/10
Bra Queen's Comments- Firstly a BIG Congratulations to Curvy Kate winning our Best DD+ Bra award. They are really pretty bras. I was so so excited to review them, I could wait to get my hands on them!
Sadly I found the material a little scratchy, but that may soften with some fabric softer:)
The underwire on these bras stops short under your arm pits, I assume to cater for the women who don't like the feeling of it rubbing under their armpits? BUT it is there for a reason, it comes up higher for support and to distribute the weight of your breasts evenly. So in turn it causes the underwires to really dig into your chest, not just a little I'm talking serious digging in. It is really uncomfortable, I can see the underwires coming out of these bras very quickly.

They also have-

Showgirl by Curvy Kate's Tease Me and Thrill Me Curvy Kate's Semi Soft Cup Bras (They have a really soft, thin mold)
Cost- $99.95
Lift- 9/10
Separation- 9/10
Quality- 7/10
Shape- 8/10
Material- 7/10

Over All- 8/10
Bra Queen's Comments- Showgirl by Curvy Kate, Thrill me and Tease me have a great shape, really comfortable and supportive. They look fantastic. I really like them and recommend them. They are a 3/4 cup or balcony cut bra therefore if you are super active during the day they may not be supportive enough and you may pop out of the top. However I could wear these all day with my 2 toddlers and still be supported and I'm pretty active. The underwires are exactly where they are suppose to be 🙂

#Semi Soft cup bras we are beginning to see much more of coming out of Europe and I am loving them they have the comfortable factor of a soft cup how they just mold to your natural shape and the benefits of a molded or preformed bra like providing shape.
# I love the fact that right now Curvy Kate is only available in Small Businesses who know their stuff like Debras. I hope for the small businesses they stay that way, however I have my doubts *wink* *wink*
If you are outside Australia then a highly recommend the awesome www.missfituk.com

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