29 September 10

Bra Review of the WONDERBRA

Could I have found the best strapless bra of ALL TIME? Well when I say strapless I mean strapless bra, backless bra, push up bra, halterneck bra, low back strapless and that's not including the 95 other ways you can wear this bra. You can literally wear the Wonderbra 100 ways. I must say this would have to be the  most clever and well designed bra I have ever seen. One of the most frequently asked questions I get is "What is the best strapless bra" or "I need a low back strapless bra" so I gave the Wonderbra a test drive.

My models actually jumped up and down while wearing the Strapless Wonderbra and the models felt completely supported, there was no feeling of the strapless bra falling down (a common feeling when you wear a strapless bra) they felt completely supported at all times. Oh my goodness the price this has to be the bes value for money ever....I had to double check just to ensure I had the price right I thought it would be way more expensive.

Cost- $44.90
Lift- 10/10
Separation- 10/10

Quality- 10/10
Shape- 15/10
Material- 10/10

Over All- 10/10

Bra Queen’s Comments- It's a BIG day when I give a 10/10 for a bra! It has NEVER happened....I must say this bra provides the best shape I have ever seen. It makes the breasts look so beautifully round and it gives them such a great lift that even if you don't have much cleavage this bra gives you cleavage it is amazing. To be able to jump up and down in a strapless bra I don't think has ever happened. As I said this bra can be worn 100 different ways, the structure of the bra is fantastic as is the quality. I highly recommend!

Available in cup sizes A to DD, back sizes AU10 (UK32) to AU16 (UK38)

You can purchase this divine multi talented bra from LINGERIE PLEASE

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  • Hey did you test it on someone small like me

  • I sure did the sample I had was a 10B and I would say they looked at least 1 cup size bigger.


  • Ging

    Hi, is it available in Australia?

    • braqueen

      You can order it from the link within the post thay are a UK business however they have AU currency on their site as well. Some boutiques may stock it however they do not come up on Google 🙂

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