17 August 09

BRA REVIEW -Fayre Form

Charlotte- Available in White, Toffee and Black
Cost- $49.95
Lift- 5/10
Separation- 6/10
Quality- 4/10
Shape- 2/10
Material- 4/10
Appearance- 2/10


Bra Queen’s Comments- I read an article last week that was in the Herald Sun and it said that “Fayre Form has always been at the fore front of Larger Cup Size Bras.” Now this is were I strongly disagree! If you call poor quality and flimsy material at the fore front, then OK. Yes, they are the only company that catered for the bustier women for a long time, however I find Fayre Form bras pointy, ugly and a yucky shape. I am not the only expert in this field that shares this opinion, the owner of a successful Lingerie Store who stocks Fayre Form said to me “I never fit anyone for these bras, they are a terrible shape. I never have any luck with them” I did wonder why on earth she still stocked the entire range! But I’m not footing that bill so who am I to say anything!


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