30 May 11

Bra Review- Elomi Energise Sports Bra

What is the best plus size sports bra? The Elomi Energise Sports Bra.

Cost- $79.95

Lift- 10/10

Separation- 10/10

Quality- 9/10

Shape- 7/10

Material- 10/10

Appearance- 7/10

Over All-  8/10

Bra Queen’s Comments: This Energise Sports Bra by Elomi is so good, I have fit this bra on hundreds of women and it just always works. It's really hard to find a good plus size sports bra so finally Elomi have come to the party and made one. This Sports Bra is so comfortable you'll never want to take it off, great support and fantastic lift. You will love this bra I have no doubt. The only down side to this bra is that it starts at a Bra Size 12 so the ladies with smaller backs aren't catered for, I would to see Elomi make this bra in Bra Sizes 6, 8 and 10 then it would be the best bra ever. The price is very reasonable as well for $80 its great value because this Sports bra will work for you and last ages.

Bra Sizes 12 to 24 and Cup Sizes D to J

Available at Australia's leading lingerie store who has the most passionate, knowledgeable and experienced Bra Fitters

DeBra’s Lingerie,

South Australian Lingerie Store KILLA CURVES

Storm in a D Cup


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  • Jo


    I just wanted to know if with the Elomi Energise Sports bra whether it is true to size or if slighter tighter due to fabric, if the band is firm, etc.

    I’m a 16gg / 18g and want know what the best fit would be.

    Thank you for any help and extra info you can give me.

    • Hi Jo,

      They are true to size, if you usually fit a 16GG then it should fit the same.

      Hope that helps!


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