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17 November 09

Bra Review- Bras ‘n’ Things

BNT is one of Australia's and New Zealand's leading lingerie stores, so how does their lingerie fair up with the rest?

Most lingerie companies have two seasonal lines: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter, then usually an ongoing line. Their bread and butter lines you might call them.
Bras 'n' Things originally outsourced all of their lingerie, however over the years they slowly started to fade out there suppliers, opting to go off shore and create their own labels (very similar cuts, shapes and styles to what they were buying off their suppliers.)

* Short Stories- A to D Cups and sleepwear.
* Truly Me- Fuller Cup Range, fuller cup being mostly E Cup some go up to F Cup.
* Wink- For teenagers, it's just like Bonds.
* Satin Indulgence- Sleepwear and your Boudoir Lingerie
* Ultimate Body- T-Shirt bras and Shapewear

Now I am noticing they are beginning to reintroduce some other labels again. Especially in their Fuller Cups they are stocking Triumph, Playtex, Berlei & Loveable. They also stock Playboy and Mossimo.

Now you go into these stores and there is just so much stock!
So I am NOT going to Review every single bra. What I am going to do is make it really simple for you. I am generalising, however you know me I am always honest and I know my bras! SO

Fashion Lines- The bras that only come out for the season.
Quality- 1/10
Material- 1/10
Shape- 1/10
Appearance- 6/10

Over All- 1/10
Bra Queen's Comments- Even if some of these bras look nice personally I wouldn't recommend them as the quality, shape and support is lacking. The price point is OK however I think you can find better. I find them very ill fitted.
Ask yourself this- If they can sell them at $10 at the end of the season and still make a profit, how much time and effort went into the structure and shape of the bra?

T-Shirts Bras- If you have full breasts, when I say full... I mean how they were before you had kids. Then you'll find one to suit, however again the quality is sadly not great. Best seller is Milano- it will either work for you or it won't.

Larger Cups- The only one I would recommend is the Riviera bra it is well made and provides a good shape. However it is a 3/4 cup so some of you will feel like you're popping out of it. It has quite a big lace so it may show through some clothes, however for the price it is quite good, IF the shape is right for you. It only goes up to an F Cup.

All the others are either-
* A bad shape
* Poor quality
* No lift
* Really ugly
* Or all of the above.

Water Bras and Cream Bras- I like their Mermaid Water Bra material is nice, good shape, your breasts do appear bigger.
Their Ultimate Body Water bra is also quite good however it really does depend on your shape. Bra 'n' Things bras are really hit and miss more than other companies I find.

Disclaimer: The views, conclusions, findings and opinions of the author are those of the author and do not reflect the views of the product owners, producers and there affiliates.

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