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15 October 14

Bra Myths: DD cup is HUGE

A guest post by By Lin & Maxine Windram owners of Brava Woman


Using the term “DD cup” excites the boys and frightens the girls. But mention you wear a “G cup” in polite company and people will look at you in disbelief. Truth be told, D+ cup sizes are very common nowadays and research has even concluded that DD cup is the new C cup. Nonetheless, we’ve seen women who refuse to wear the correct size and continue to squeeze themselves into D cup. Maybe this is a new phobia? A fear of wearing D+ cups: ‘Deecupphobia’!

Bra myths, brava lingerie

Many, many women think they are D cup and always seek that size when bra shopping, but when they submit to a professional bra-fitting “D” isn’t even close. At Brava, it’s not unusual to fit a woman who says she is 14D into a bra that is 10G. It happens all the time. She looks and feels much better in the correct bra size, but is often shocked (and maybe in denial) about what it says on the label… in fact, sometimes we don’t tell her! A woman is so much more than the number on her clothing label, and its feeling supported and uplifted that makes a woman feel confident and attractive.

Contributing to the bra-size confusion are images of celebs like Pamela Anderson, with reports of her being 36DD (14DD) after breast-augmentation surgery. Pamela has a tiny frame with full breasts, and we think she is more likely to be a 30G (8G).  The size 36 (14) band has nothing to do with the size of her breasts. Does her ribcage look like a size 14, and would she wear sized 14 clothes? Definitely not. This is just one of the reasons people see DD as so big.

YouTube images of D+ cup women are often hideous, and mostly designed to tantalise morons. If you look around at your colleagues and family, many of the women will be bigger than D cup. But chances are they are wearing a badly fitting D cup bra, which makes their breasts look bigger and their grooming a tad scruffy.

In Australia, the open-mouthed response to larger cup sizes is the result of years of inadequate sizing by bra manufacturers, and a lack of bra fitting education. For a long time, DD cup was the largest bra cup size made so people perceived it to be very big (yes, ginormous!). During these dark times, many women squeezed their breasts into a DD cup bra with a back band too big for them, resulting in their body shape being distorted – the cups weren’t smooth and the comfort factor was non-existent.  In those dark days, there were no other options unless you could afford to have bras made for you or you took a chance on having them altered.

But that was then and this is now… today, more than 40% of Australian women wear a DD cup size or larger. But thankfully the lingerie drought is over – hallelujah! Innovative lingerie manufacturers are designing fabulous D+ cup bras that are supportive, beautiful, high quality and affordable. The size range won’t be in all lingerie shops and department stores for a variety of reasons. But the really good specialist shops (like Brava) have the finest of them.

Working with many brands and ranges from around the globe, Brava bra fitters test their lingerie and swimwear on themselves and their customers - they review them, decline many and only stock those that do a sublime job of supporting women.

Here’s some insight into how bra sizes work. Did you know?

  • D cup on a size 10 band (10D) is three times smaller than a D cup on a size 16 band (16D). The equivalent size of a 10D cup in a 16 band would be 16A.
  • A 12G cup is the same size cup as a 20DD.
  • An 8J cup is equal to a 14GG.
  • Generally D cup augmented breasts are measured from a 16D mass, so on a size 10 frame it will look more like an F cup. Most surgeons do not take into account the band size of a bra which results in a huge misconception. So when you see a very busty size 10 “D” cup girl post-augmentation, she probably has equal to a bra-sized F cup.

Confused?  Bra cup sizes change in volume along with the band size. If you have been wearing a 12DD and we fit you into an 8F, this does not mean your bust size is bigger. It simply means you have been wearing a band that is far too big for your frame. But sometimes all a woman can see is that letter ’F’ and for her that stands for Freak… but we see ‘F’ for Fabulous.

Still confused? Or do you have a fitting experience or favourite bra you’d like to share? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.



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  • David Swan

    My Wife topped out at 12M when she was Breastfeeding. She is still a 12L but we could not get one so have had to go to a 14K.

    • braqueen

      WOW David an M, I can only imagine how hard that would of been to buy bras! She is tiny and such a big bust, have you tried Panache?

      • Nikki Owen

        Panache only makes up to a UK K cup! IF you need a larger size, Bravissimo (only in the UK, but will ship across), makes the Alana, which comes in up to an L. There’s a new luxury brand set to hit the market called Edwards & Millers, who will make up to a UK M, in band sizes 26-34 (AUS sizes 4-14).

        • braqueen

          Awesome thanks Nikki! I will check out Edwards & Millers, I know Big Girls Don’t Cry in QLD go up to an N Cup but it mustn’t be Panache.

          Don’t you think it’s funny how larger cups sizes have to shop overseas, yet they’re the women who really need to be fitted. I am sure Brava could always order in if they don’t have it.

        • David Swan

          Cool I will show Tina & see what she thinks.

      • David Swan

        Yes we have looked @ them. She has a FANTASIE Kara 2092 in 12 K. Tina is not keen on the colour but the fit is more important.

  • Kirsty Barrington

    I had a horrible experience at Myer once where out of frustration I was slapped in the chest in the fitting room and told there was nothing that fit me here. I drove home in tears and forever now have a fear of being fitted properly. My guess is I’m a 20G. But with my right probably a cup size larger than the left who knows.

    • braqueen

      Oh thats horrible Kirsty! What the hell are people thinking that they can treat people like that? Crazy! Brava are really good next time you’re in Melbourne, they are just about to open up in Bourke St as well… next week actually.

      • Kirsty Barrington

        I have been told Brava is excellent, funnily from a breast cancer researcher. Must pay them a visit next time I venture in to Melbourne!

        • braqueen

          Well that’s good to know, yes do that!

    • Narelle

      I had a similar experience at Myer. After trying on numerous bras and starting to feel bad about myself, the fitter told me that ‘I was the worst person she had ever had to fit in 20 years!’ With that I purchased the best bra out of the lot, and left almost in tears. I then spent the next few weeks with blisters under my arms. I too dread buying lingerie.

      • braqueen

        YOU ARE KIDDING ME!!!! That is disgraceful and makes me so mad! How rude, I am shocked and as a bra fitter I am so sorry you had to experience that. There are the most amazing Bra Fitters out there and I do hope you have one available to you xxx

  • Ashleigh Jayne Parlevliet

    I had serious problems until I went to Brava. They were amazing. I’m a 16J or 18H and have always been self conscious about it. But they were so polite and really sensitive about it.

  • I love Brava! Used to get so embarrassed trying to find a bra in regular shops when they’d say, sorry, we don’t go higher than a DD cup. I am a perfect HH cup and my bras now fit amazingly.

    • braqueen

      I am HH Cup as well! So glad you have found Brava and they service you well. What’s your favourite bra Cas?

      • Must have missed this question, sorry. Um, I like the Elomi brand. Incidentally, when in Melbourne recently, I went into the Brava store and spent a good two hours there being fitted with all kinds of bras. Well worth it! I’m not stocked up for about 18 months.

  • Julie-Anne Adams

    so when are Australian Bra manufacturers going to start making front closing bras for 18DD and upwards for women like me who have had lots of shoulder reconstructions or suffer frozen shoulders and can not reach around the back to do a bra up and please don’t say do up at front and twist it around because that hurts my shoulders too!!! I absolutely hate bra and clothes shopping ( a lot of dresses with back zippers that I can’t use)!!!

    • This is really common Julie-Anne, have you tried TruLife? They do front closing bras.

      • Julie-Anne Adams

        Renee -I have now looked at this site that you recommend whilst they do make front closing bras none of them are “lacey” or even have a hint of sexiness – I want to feel nice by wearing some really nice, sexy bras that front close

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