10 June 14

Bra Fun Facts And Bra Myths

There are so many myths around bras so we hope to help you see past all the fog...

bra facts and bra myths


  • 8/10 women wear the wrong size bra....still
  • 40% of Australian women are DD Cup plus
  • 10 years ago the most popular bra size was 12B now it is a 12D
  • The average life span of a bra is 6 to 12 months
  • Women need to be fitted at least once a year...personally I do every time I buy a bra because the size and shape change all the time. 
  • Not all bras are created equal...price or "name" doesn't determine whether it's good bra, marketing is a wonderful thing.
  • The shape of a bra is just as important as the bra size...most people don't get this so I talk about it until I am blue in the face. 
  • Comfort, support, lift, shape and size are the key elements to a bra (if it’s a sports bra breathability is also a factor)
  • The largest bra size belongs to Norma Stitz who has a chest measuring 69 inches and is the proud owner of the world's largest bra, a size 72ZZZ
  • The smallest bra size is AA Cup
  • The average weight of a size 12DD is 3- 3.5 pound (1.36- 1.59kgs)... that must mean mine are around 4kgs!



  • Wearing an underwire bra increases risk of getting breast cancer....fit fit fit
  • Wearing a bra weakens breast tissue...not enough research has been done to prove this.
  • Back fat. I can’t wear a bra too snug...Support is way more important and it's usually very slimming.
  • All underwire bras are uncomfortable...this is where the bra shape comes into things, try a different shape bra.
  • Nipples will show if I don’t wear a moulded cup bra...you can not see nipples so don't stress.
  • You’re one size and one size only...different brands and at different times mean different sizes.
  • There is one bra that is for every BODY...No way no how that is crazy! Look around and notice how many body types we have. And any brand claiming it are talking porky pies. 
  • Loose fitting bras are more comfortable..and less supportive and create more bounce which hurts.
  • Minimisers make a woman look smaller...don't even get me started on this stupid bra! Dumbest bra ever made.
  • Larger cups will never find a bra where the underwire sits flush against your chest...Not true at all, wrong size, wrong shape wrong bra for for you.



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