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24 February 15


Everything you need to know to help you find the perfect bra for Small cup sizes.

Many people under estimate the importance of a bra fitting for smaller cup sizes. Now to be clear when I refer to small cup sizes I am referring to A to D Bra Cups. Often women with fuller busts know the importance of wearing a good fitting bra because they feel uncomfortable and it causes pain. Smaller cups sizes the damage can go unnoticed and ill-fitting bras are really common because of the “Grab it off the shelf” thought process.

The good new is, for the women who don’t like to be professionally fitted for the their bra and you measure your size yourself with a certain accuracy than your larger cup sisters. So I am going to arm you with everything you need to know before you hit the lingerie stores.

The bra shape is SUPER important, equally as your bra size.

Bare in mind choosing a bra within different brands, styles, colours and fabrics can all add to a difference in size…. Just like our clothes differ in size, so do our bras.

What does a great fitting bra look like? 

You need to look for:-
• A bra that fits snugly on the loosest hook around the back and sits evenly from front to back. (look in the mirror side on with your hands on your hips.)
• Underwires must sit flush against your chest, no digging in and no popping out.
• Your entire breast must fit in the cup with no spillage or gapping.
• You should be able to fit two fingers under the straps.
• The SHAPE of the bra is just as important as the fit… I cannot stress this enough.
• Quality is crucial and price doesn’t always equal quality.
• The correct shape bra is incredibly slimming and it improves your posture.


Different shape bras are- 

BALCONETTE BRA- It sits in between a balcony bra (1/2 Cup) and a Full Cup Bra, I always say it’s like a sweetheart cut neckline. It’s the go to bra for larger cup sizes; they give great shape, lift and will give you comfort and support. They’re gorgeous bras you can wear everyday. (Can you tell I love them?)

Balconette bra small cups

 BALCONY BRA- Is used a lot in smaller cup sizes, it’s a half-cup bra and it’s rounded over the bust line…. Kind of like a strapless bra. Now some will say that a Balcony and a Balconette are the same (especially in Australia) but I find they fit and sit totally different. Balcony bras are fantastic for low set and wide set breasts.

balcony bra


FULL CUP BRA- Is generally your everyday work horse bra or t-shirt bras, your whole breast is in the cup. It gives great support, lift and comfort for fuller cups. It’s a handy bra to have, but often more common for larger cup sizes and sports bras.

full cup bra small cup


PLUNGE BRA- Are triangular shaped bras and the underwire stops near the base of your breasts. They are great for those tops that have a plunging neckline.

Plunge bra small cups


Common Bra Questions


Why do underwires ALWAYS cut into me? 
Often it means it’s the wrong shape and common for larger cups to feel it under the armpits. Try a different shape or go up in the cup and down in the back.
Why is one breast bigger than the other? 
The majority of women do have one side larger than the other; it just depends on how great the difference is.
However, when you are getting fitted for a bra you MUST always get fitted for the larger breast, otherwise you will get double boob. If there is a big difference you can buy an insert to even out your bust line.


Rashes under your breasts? 
If the rash is directly under your breasts you are not getting lift from your bra then it will rub and It is because there is no air getting through. Adjust the size and straps to ensure you get the lift you need.


How long should a bra last? 
That really depends on how many bras you own and how you care for them, are you wearing them everyday or just on special occasions? A good quality bra that fits you well AND is looked after should last you at least six months, after this time if it has been worn regularly it will start to lose it's firmness.

Your body shape does and will change so you should always be aware of that. If you are going up and down in weight, then your bra size will change as well.


Are the straps digging into your shoulders and leaving indentations? 
You may need to loosen the straps. Or, the cups may be too small, pulling the bra downward and creating tension in the straps, and you may need a larger cup size. If it’s fitting well then I would question the quality of the bra.


Straps falling off your shoulders? 
Try tightening the straps and if that doesn’t work the band size is too large and you will need a smaller band.


Is the band riding up your back? 
Super common for bigger busts to go up the back to allow more room in the cup. The band is either too large or needs to be tightened. Adjust the band so it’s not so loose or you may need a smaller band size. You may want to go up in the cup to accommodate the girls.


Why do the wires keep coming out of my bra? 

You may be wearing the wrong size and shape or the bra has been machine washed or placed in a dryer.



The Ultimate Bra Fitting Guide 

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