17 May 10

BQ in Sydney…

I will be in Sydney next week 24th to the 28th May and I want to work with you...

I ONLY HAVE 2 DAYS so jump in quick!


You are a super successful Lingerie Business owner who wants to grow and double your profits and who is open to all sorts of success. You will be guided on your journey to take you places you have never been. With a hands on approach that is completely tailored to you, your business and your employees.
This is only for proactive, innovative business owners that aren’t afraid of lateral thinking.

Bra Queen’s proven specific easy to follow material will show you;
• How to charge more and get more customers,
• How to get around major competitors,
• How to get customers coming back and bringing mates EVEN at higher price points than your competitors.

ROI is guaranteed within 90 days YOUR MONEY BACK.

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