20 June 12

I have a confession to make…

You know all of us have our little things that drive us crazy don’t we?

Mine? LEGGINS ARE NOT PANTS!!!! There I said it and it’s off my chest.

Monique Alamedine has a serious distaste for muffin tops and plumbers crack. However due to the recent craze of hipster pants there has been an all time raise in muffin tops and plumbers crack. It’s not good and it must end!

This vivacious little dynamite has set out to eliminate all traces of the unwanted flesh we see in shopping centres, train stations, supermarkets, anywhere and everywhere. Monique has recently launched Snugbods Bodysuits which is the new revolution to combat this epidemic.

At the heart of Snugbods is a whole lot of fun and vibrancy because Monique loves to see the bright and shiny in everything. I was very excited to receive this 90’s come back because in all honesty I’ve always been very found of bodysuits. I am very active through out my day, I am in and out and up and down. However I am extremely conscience about revealing my underwear and mid drift to the general public. This is the perfect solution!

They are super comfortable to wear and they do keep you nice and warm. You can wear them as an extra layer for warmth or they look great with pants or jeans on there own. Chuck on a scarf, a belt and some heels and away you go! You can bend, jump, lift, run, stretch to get that can on the top shelf and bend over to pick up your kids toys for the 50th time that day…nothing ever falls out. It’s awesome!

I am a fan….a big fan!

Check it out! If you would like to jump on board and free yourself of belly and butt flashing or you would like a really clever, practical addition to your wardrobe go to www.snugbods.com


What's the thing that drives you crazy???

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