16 March 16

Body Image & Self Abuse Throughout The Ages

The body image we have and the cycle of self-abuse is absolutely ridiculous.

Let’s think about it…

body image, self abuse, self esteem

…As teenagers we look in the mirror and long for smaller breasts, bigger breasts, to be skinnier or bigger. To have less acne, less freckles or more freckles. Better hair, better bodies, better skin and probably better parents.

…As young adults, we set off to experience life and the world, we lose weight, put on weight and perhaps we are a little more accepting of ourselves, but we are still unsure and we really don’t love ourselves.

…As we move into our 20’s most of us spend an entire decide thinking we are fat and constantly dieting and trying to lose weight.

…As we move into our 30’s we start to realise that how we looked in our 20’s was amazing and we think, “If we only looked like that now.”

…As we move into having our own family and your body has really changed and bits just don’t look like they once did and parts just don’t work the same…. Hello pelvic floor and good-bye perking breasts. “Gosh, you know if I could just fit into those jeans again, I will be a happy woman.”

…As we move into our 40’s should to Botox and not to Botox that is the question.

…As we move into our 50’s only hot sweats and menopause.

Are you kidding me, I mean really. At what point do we stop criticising ourselves and give ourselves just a little bit of love?

At what point do we be OK with who we are and what we look like NOW, as we are. Not better, not worse, not bigger, not smaller, not younger, and not older, but just start to be OK with you.

The self-abuse has got to stop. Can you see it is a little ridiculous that we can spend our entire life feeling miserable about the body that has seen us through every change, every break up, every happiness, every illness, every child and every THING… Surely that is worth a little bit a love?

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