6 June 16

Body Art For Breast Cancer

For all of the horrible things Breast Cancer brings to our lives, do you know what it does give? It gives a sense of determination, a united sisterhood and desire to do something radical.

The reality is cancer changes you and you will never be the same again and that is life after breast cancer. It is the beginning of discovering who you are now and what’s important to you.


So Brave Breast Cancer Calendar


There has been a So Brave movement that is celebrating and raising awareness around #YoungGirlsGetBreastCancer too, women under 40 who are breast cancer survivors.

2 women between the age of 20 to 39 are diagnosed every day, one woman will die and it’s estimated that 800 will be diagnosed in 2016 and 65 of those women will die.


So brave breast cancer calendar


So Brave brought together 13 models, 14 photographers, 5 documentary crew and a body paint artist who have travelled around Australia to our most beautiful locations to photograph these women and make the most amazing 2017 calendar.



You can support the cause and buy a calendar at sobrave.com.au


Image credit.

Parliament House - taken by ABC News online.
Credit to: Wendy Fantasia Body Paint Artist
Photography: E.L. Simpson Photography
Body Paint Artist: Wendy Fantasia
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