13 August 12

My Latest Rant & Lingerie Misconduct

Excuse me while I put on my ranty pants! I haven’t worn them in a while but sometimes misconduct in the lingerie industry just requires them.

Did you hear the latest news in the media? Department stores will be sourcing and making their own labels in order to reduce costs by cutting out the middle man. Now this is not new news because Bra ‘n’ Things have been doing it for years as have Target and Kmart. While they are making money and doing well at the end of the day they are producing poor quality bras. There is no research, no innovation and no structure so it leaves women wasting their money on ill fitting bras. They have an outrageous mark up on them, they spend an outrageous amount on marketing and leaving no money in the kip for some much needed R& D.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against either companies and I believe we all have place within the market. Personally honest, integrity and substance is important to me. Bra ‘n’ Things have some bras that I quite like and they provide a good fit however it’s collection like this that I think is misleading to the consumer.

Bras ‘n’ Things Annalise Collection

Their Description-

Annalise' lingerie is designed for the larger cup girl. Cup sizes range from C - E and with all the beautiful prints & shapes available, an 'Annalise' Bra is sure to help you "Love your curves"

  1. I would hardly call a C to E Cup a fuller cup given that 40% of women are a DD to G Cup.
  2. It doesn’t even fit her correctly! Now if Bra ‘n’ Things say they are the bra fitting specialists please do not put models in ill fitting bras.
  3. My models found this collection to be of poor quality, ill fitting and an unflattering shape.

Bra ‘n’ Things G Cup Range

While I give them credit for trying to cater for larger cup sizes and produce pretty bras that aren’t humongous. Again the quality is really poor and the underwire doesn’t sit flush against your chest. Women can find a much better bra.




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