4 December 13

Beville’s Reinvent The Wheel

It takes a risk to reinvent the wheel, especially when you’re a 80 year old company in retail. There is a lot be said for the courage it takes and the passion involved in understanding  and creating the ultimate customer experience.

Very few companies dare to take the plunge and chose to float through with their security blanket of safety. But safe doesn’t change lives, safe doesn’t promote leadership, safe doesn’t give us game changers and safe doesn’t give customers a story to tell.

The Retailers who are brave enough to remove the layers and do something different are the ones that are thriving in this retail economy.

photo 1

Bevilles is the latest company to reveal their new, bright and shiny store concept. Every Australian knows Bevilles, they are a well-known retail company in Australia, they are a family owned business that goes back to 1934 and are now giving customers a really cool shopping experience.

In the past Bevilles have specialised in jewellery, watches and giftware, they now specialise in jewellery and they will slowly start to remove the giftware section.  By doing this they have been able to deliver a clear message to their customers and the store layout is much more elegant and easy on the eye.

photo 2-2

They have also created a well thought though customer experience, all showcases are in the middle of the store allowing customers to experience the jewellery and it flows much better. With the showcases being central is also gives the staff the ability to interact and connect with customers with ease and grace. They have a new self serve section where customers can pick up, touch and buy the lower end items.

Their collection is well thought though; they have something for every budget and every style. Their aim is for everyone to “feel fabulous”

photo 3-2

What comes to mind with the Bevilles branding and store concept is it really evokes all the senses which is really pleasant and something that all store owners should aim towards.

Highpoint is the first store where you can experience this new concept and they will be rolling them out to all stores over the next 2 years.

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