9 September 14

The Best Bras in Small Cup Sizes

By Nicci Workum, Bra Fitter and Director of Nicci’s Smalls.

I asked Nicci to write an article on the best bras for smaller cups sizes because this is what she specialises in, therefore who better to share with us. And just between you and I, I honestly believe she has the best collection for smaller cup sizes in Australia. I kid you not my friend! 


If you’ve been blessed with small breasts like me you may also have experienced the frustration of struggling to find bras with small enough cups and/or backs. If you’ve breast-fed and been left with small breasts that are now also a bit shallow, the problem can be even worse.

At one stage (and I know now that I’m not alone in this) when I was in my mid-thirties I was wearing teen bras because that was all I could find that fit me! Forget about anything remotely pretty or sexy right? Wrong!!

I’m pleased to say that there are some beautiful options out there that are fantastic for those of us with smaller chests. As we’re all different shapes and have differing fit issues one bra definitely does not fit all. However, there are some that seem to fit more women than others and they’re the ones that have made it onto my list of the best bras for small cup sizes.


1)     Lucia by The Little Bra Company – this American company make a large range of bras specifically for petite women and this is their best-seller. It’s a beautiful push up bra which is smooth enough to be worn under most clothing. One of the fantastic features is the lace overlay which helps to hold the cups flush against the skin – no more gap! They make it in the standard colours of nude and black but also bring out different colours each season. This bra suits women whose breasts are close together in the centre of the body and is available in A-C cups in bands sizes 6-14.


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2)     Yvonne by The Little Bra Company – this is another pretty bra, with lace straps and band but with smooth cups, from this specialist company. The Yvonne starts at a 6A like the Lucia but the cups are wider set so it’s often a good fit for women that find the Lucia is too narrow for them. The smooth cups make it a lovely everyday bra. It will soon be available in black as well as the current nude colour.


nicci yvonne


3)     Josette Demi Cup Bra by Lula Lu Petites – made by another American company specialising in small sizes, the Josette Bra is available in AAA-A cups only. The Demi Cup Bra is a standard shape which Lula Lu bring out in different designs each season. It is lightly padded but doesn’t give the same shape as you’d get from a push up bra. For those not looking for cleavage enhancement this style is a great option.


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4)      Billie by Sidonie – I have to admit, this is a personal favourite as it is one of the first bras I ever put on and had a perfect fit from. It is essentially a balcony style bra but offers a bit more shape and lift than some. Sidonie is a fairly new brand based in Sydney and they have put a lot of attention into the detail. The quality is excellent and their fabrics are beautiful. With lace trims and lovely mesh straps this elegant bra is still comfortable enough for every day wear. It’s currently available in black, ivory and a beautiful red.


nicci smalls billie bra


5)     Periwinkle Velvet Triangle Top by Maaji Lingerie – for those that prefer non-wired bras, the triangle bras from Colombian brand Maaji are a cute option. The use of colourful prints, contrasting lace and mesh make these bras really unique. The fabric used is incredibly soft and comfortable, almost like a swimwear feel (not surprising as they started out making swimwear). Sized as small, medium and large they suit women from a size 8-14 and A-B cups.


nicci periwrinkle


About the author: Nicci Workum is committed to helping small breasted women find attractive lingerie that helps them feel beautiful, confident and proud of their shape. After some humiliating bra shopping trips when she finished breastfeeding her two children she became a qualified bra fitter and opened Nicci’s Smalls, an online and bricks and mortar lingerie boutique in Perth, to provide a positive and empowering shopping experience for women.

You can connect with Nicci on Facebook and visit her website www.niccissmalls.com.au

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