10 July 14

The Best Bra For Bikram Yoga

In my quest for finding fun and enjoyable exercise I tried Bikrim Yoga. Now for those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s Yoga in a room that is 37- 40 degrees. Obviously wet doesn’t even cover what you are at the end of the 90-minute experience. Drowned rat comes to mind.

There are 26 poses and it is the exact same routine every time, it is something that everyone should try because it’s a really cool experience. Although you must go at least twice because you’ll probably want to pass out in the first one.

Anyway let’s talk about the best bra to wear when you’re doing Bikram Yoga.

I wore the new Freya Molded Sports Bra the first time and towards the end of the class it was incredibly uncomfortable…worse I would say painful! Not because the sports bra is bad it’s actually very good but because you sweat so much the underwire rubs against your skin.

Underwire Bras DO NOT Work In Bikram Yoga[Tweet this!]

I wore Moving Comfort’s Jubilee Bra, which worked much better, than I tried Bella Bodies crop top and they worked a treat.

They absorb sweat really well and they feel like a second skin. They are made from divine materials, which is of course divine on your skin. They are surprisingly supportive and super comfortable. Although Yoga is not high impact you are in some very interesting poses where you are at risk of you girls popping out so you still need a supportive non-underwire bra.

Because of my incredibly large breasts we tried them on a variety of bra sizes, now of course they didn’t support me like the B cup and the E Cup models but they still gave me lift and I just wore a snug sports top over the top for extra support. The rest of the models fell in love with them saying how comfortable and supportive they were. Ideal for Bikram Yoga because of the light weight absorbent material it makes them better than other generic crop tops that most girls wear to Bikram.


Overall, if you want a super comfy bra this is your bra.

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