11 December 09

Bendon is launching a new collection, Mmmm?

OK, so call me a skeptic however after my last experience with Bendon/Elle MacPherson and "their new range" it left me mortified, me and my models! (who have perfect breasts and they even manage to make them look bad)

In January 2010 Bendon will be launching another larger cup range,  in which I found this delightful information states "The New Zealand-based company is turning its back on global recession by launching a new label to support a growing market – women with a D cup or larger bust size."
I'm sorry didn't they already try and failed dismally?

I am all for a new great lingerie collection however I am so so over the crap being placed on our shelves. They have HUGE marketing budgets so they try and fool everyone in thinking that it's the best bra ever and it's terrible and you get to pay for the privilege I'm sorry it's a joke. Let's just pray Bendon’s new DimitySO label actually gets put through quality control by someone who actually knows the industry.

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