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23 November 15

Behind Trulife Breastforms & Bras

We interviewed the woman behind TruLife in Australia and New Zealand, the very dedicated Toni Truda. Giving you the story behind the breastforms and mastectomy bras...

Tell us about Trulife and your role?

Trulife Breastcare is the oldest “breastform/prosthesis” manufacturer in the world. Created in 1959- the Trulife 212 Breastform was the first commercially made and sold breastform, with the Trulife Company created in Dublin, Ireland!

Fast-forward almost 57 years and Trulife is distributed to over 80 countries all over the world and continues to be the leader in breastcare innovation.

The Trulife Breastcare offer has greatly expanded to an extensive range of breastforms as well as complimentary items such as swim and leisure products and a vast “Wardrobe” of Pocketed Bras- that caters to women of all ages and bra needs.

All Trulife Breast Forms are still manufactured Trulife factories in Dublin, Ireland, and ALL Bras are made in Canada (not Asia).

As the exclusive distributor Trulife Breastcare across Australia and New Zealand, I am thrilled to be able to represent such a credible, innovative brand in my role as Business Manager Breastcare for OPC Health Pty Ltd.

My role covers everything from Brand Strategy, Product selection and Pricing, all Marketing- Promotions and Social Media, Training new and refresher Breastcare Fitting Courses and of course my favorite part is developing relationships with both our stockists and the general public during BCNA Conferences/ Information Sessions.  You could say I am the “Trulife GAL” (I even get called TRUDY by customers!)

Everything that I and OPC Health do is focused on our Australian & New Zealand “Trulife Ladies” and every day we challenge ourselves on how to be even better than before.

I am privileged to attract the most professional, empathetic and skilled network of Lingerie Stores and Mobile Fitting Services- who have the same goodwill to provide the best service and Breastcare options for their customers. Together I call us the “Trulife Fitting Family”- as it is truly “Business with a Heart” that drives our rewards with smiling, happy Trulife ladies leaving the fitting rooms with a renewed sense of femininity and optimism for life.


What is it that Trulife offers that other breast form and breast care companies don’t?

I wish I could just bring out my suitcase and show you the range!

If I had to just share ONE item, it would be this one:

Trulife Breastcare has launched the lightest, freshest, softest feeling breastform in the World!

It is called SUBLIME and it’s name totally reflects the reaction I get when I show this breastform to Trulife Ladies. This breastform is made in a totally different way to every other brand of prosthesis in the world and really seeing and feeling is believing.

Apart from being amazingly innovative, Trulife ticks all the boxes of customer needs based on price and value for money.

In Australia- NO Trulife Breastform has an RRP over the Medicare Rebate of $400.  So every lady can wear the newest, best breastform and financially she does not pay any more than the Medicare Rebate.

In New Zealand, our Trulife pricing strategy allows for our Trulife Ladies to maximize the NZ Breast Prosthesis Subsidy also.

This is a HUGE benefit- as our “Business with a Heart” philosophy extends to us wanting to give fair prices to our Trulife Ladies. We understand she has been through enough in her journey, so anything we can do to relieve stress we will.

(For more information please call me on +61 411 859 009)


What do you like about being in the industry?

I have an extensive Lingerie and Fashion background for over 25 years- where I was fortunate to be a Buyer for a large Department Store with 66 stores, and then moved into designing and manufacturing bras as a supplier with one of the biggest bra companies in Australia. Whilst these roles were truly amazing experiences- for me the ability to empower women post breast surgery is my greatest reward.

This role gives me the opportunity to positively affect the lives of so many Trulife Ladies- across two countries, with the help of my Trulife Fitting Family.

The smiles say it all for me- whether it is the reaction I get face-to-face from ladies as I explain the range at a BCNA event or feedback from a great fitting experience- and I get many phone calls and emails with wonderful feedback of the work done in-stores.

I love hearing about Trulife Ladies that after their fitting, feel so happy with their enhanced body-shape that they go off shopping for new clothes and start seeing life being wonderful again.

What is something that surprises you about breast cancer and the breast form industry?

I am constantly amazed at the amount of research and dedicated medical professionals that work tirelessly every day to find better ways to prevent and combat this disease, or to continue to improve survival rates and quality of life post-surgery and treatments. From Medical Researchers, Surgeons, Scientists in the labs and the Breast Care Nurses, each dedicates their career for other’s wellbeing.

Their passion and drive to succeed motivates all working in this industry to do our best- especially me.

What is something about Trulife that people don’t know?

The engineering that goes into manufacturing pocketed bras and the COOLMAX pockets used in Trulife Bras- make them so super-comfortable that they are loved by all women- not just those needing to wear a breastform.  There is actually over 32 pieces that make up a bra- that is one jigsaw puzzle for me!

In-fact we sell close to 50% of all our bra sales to women who want a good supportive non-wire bra that has “that wonderful LINING”-  they don’t even realize the bra has pockets- our regular wearers love the added value of a lining, at the same price as any other regular bra brand. We do not over-price our bras just because they have the pockets/lining.


What is your best selling product?

Our BEST SELLING Breastform is our NEWEST:  Trulife Sublime-  the Lightest, most Natural Feeling Breastform in the World. 

Our BEST SELLING BRA is our oldest!    Trulife BARBARA Style 210- comes in 8 colors: White, Black, Nude, Latte, Amethyst, Sandstone, Midnight Blue, Powder Pink.  Barbara has 53 sizes starting from 10A to Size 30E!

(Barbara’s RRP $59.95 in Australia).

There is even a Front Opening version of Barbara- her name is Bethany (Style 212)


What is a product you have that people would never think you offer?

Trulife ACTIVE FLOW (style 630) is the perfect leisure/sport/swim-form.

It is not like standard swim forms- which are just silicon in a thicker poyeurethane outer layer.

Active Flow moves with you- as it is made of a spacer fabric that has been shaped and is filled with monoprene beads.

This means if you are swimming- there is nothing for the water to stick to and dries quickly.

Then as you leave the pool you won’t have a squishy waterlogged form.

Also when you lay down to sunbake it actually flattens- like your natural side- one less thing to worry about.

If that wasn’t good enough- it is also perfect for sports and leisure activities.

Horse-riders and those who work in the great outdoors love it as there is no chance it will split or pop like old style breastforms.

Golfers and tennis players love it as it moves- similarly as your natural bust does, as you swing the golf stick or tennis racquet.

On a lazy Sunday- when you want to just relax in loungewear- the Activeflow is a perfect option to your usual breastform.

Thus, Active Flow (630) is a wonderful accompaniment to your Breastcare wardrobe.

In 5 years I would like to see….?

A cure for Breast Cancer

Our biggest challenge is….?

For all women diagnosed with Breast Cancer, her and her family’s fears are greatly escalated with the lack of clear, unbiased information.

I believe the more people are informed with credible, well-balanced information- the more manageable any situation can be, and the easier it is for one to accept the circumstances and make wise decisions.

There is a myriad of information on Breast Cancer, and the internet is both a wealth of information and a myriad of confusion as well.

In my opinion, in the woman’s greatest time of need of clarity- information is not easily found in a succinct, easily digested format with unbiased information.

I believe this is one of our greatest challenges- to continue to remove the “Secret Women’s Business” from Breast Cancer, so that all cultures are comfortable to discuss and seek information without any stigma and how to make that information clear, concise and unbiased so every woman can be empowered to make the best decision for her situation.

What is your favourite quote?

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You can keep up to date with Toni via her Facebook page or website.


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