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3 September 12

Be The Change You Want To See

This maybe a shock to you but I love business, it rocks my world! The basic principles to business are quite easy. Then why do so many people get it so wrong?

They don’t focus on all of the business, they only put their energy into some key areas. Business is choice and the choices we make will determine the result we receive. Here are some key things I have learnt in business-

  1. Be the change- It’s easy to sit back and judge, blame and criticise other people. Be angry at the world and blame people for things not going your way. Instead I prefer to be the change I want to see, I take inspired action within my business. You can take action within your business and that is a great thing because you’re already ahead of the pack but when you learn to take inspired action you’re operating on a level that most people don’t understand. When everything is aligned you have so much more clarity and you know the right time to plant, water and pick your crop. You see most people go out guns blazing shooting everything in sight trying to get that sale. Over a long period of time this becomes exhausting and you get burnt out, its quick fix and it’s not sustainable. But if you take the farmer approach it may take a little longer but you can plant an entire harvest. Each element is crucial- you have to know when to plant it, water it and pick it. Be the farmer.
  2. Be the better person- I have quite a holistic approach to business, I believe that we attract what we put out there. A lot of it comes down to mindset and which way you choose to look at life. I respect you and your time, I don’t take that for granted and I genuinely want you and your business to succeed. I have stumbled across people who expect everyone to drop everything for them and do everything for them. My approach is simple- I like to give, help and make a difference where ever I can. I respect people’s time, money, business and their dreams. In return most people have the same respect for me and my business. Occasionally I stumble across someone who doesn’t have that same respect of my time, money and business however it’s just a reminder that they aren’t aligned with my values and that’s OK. I send them love and respect and pray that one day they try to give instead of just receiving. Be kind to yourself and others.
  3. Create the puzzle- Each area of business is just as crucial as the next, write a list of each area of your business. Marketing, operations and sales etc. Create an inspired action plan as to how you can best optimise each element of your business, I like to use mind maps for this process. If you increase the value you deliver and give by just 10% that will give you an extra 10% in sales on the backend. That’s 30% increase on just the main areas, imagine when you do every area. What would you do with an extra 30% profit in your pocket? I look at business as a puzzle without every piece you can’t get the full picture. Once you identify each piece you can create a team that works like a well oiled machine and your business can grow when you do. You also know who to employee next. If that doesn’t float your boat look at it this way- by creating each puzzle really well and finding the right team member for each area it takes YOU out of the business but you’re still making money. Create the puzzle.


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