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17 January 17


The best bras for tweens and teenagers that are perfect for school.




It can be really tough to find age appropriate bras that girls can (and want) to wear. A lot of bras made for tween and teenagers are heavily padded, push cup or don’t have ample contouring (the thin mould) that many girls like as it’s not exposing their nipple.

Before we head into which bras are fab for back school bras let’s go over some bra fitting tips…

  1. A crop is fine to begin with when they aren’t quite big enough to fit into a “cup”.
  2. From a B cup onwards and in some cases an A cup, I recommend wearing underwire bras.
  3. The band should sit evenly from front to back.
  4. The entire best inside the cup, no gapping or spillage.
  5. The straps should be nice and snug, allowing two fingers to fit underneath.
  6. The underwires should sit flush against the chest.

In terms of the bra shape, which is usually an equal element to find the perfect bra for you, however matching a bra to a body shape doesn’t really happened until they are a little more developed. However your bra shape is very important to comfort when the time is right! (Which will vary on each person, however as soon as underwires are needed the shape is important.)

As mentioned earlier,  a lot of parents sometimes think that the moulding in a bra is “padding”. Please know that it is not padding it is contoured and providing shape, not size. In my experience a lot of girls like this because they don’t feel so exposed.

If you or your daughter are unsure about what a good fitting bra looks like, the ultimate bra fitting guide will guide you through the process in a couple of steps!

I asked some girls about what they look for, like, dislike and how the view lingerie and here is what they said.

“ The bras I wear are usually wired and don't have a lot of padding. I prefer bras without extra padding. I dislike bra that don't have wiring because I don't feel like I get enough support. To me bras are more of a necessity than a fashion statement because bras are used to support/ hold up your breasts and not to flaunt off to the world. I find it better trying on bras with a parent rather than being fitted by a stranger because it's someone you know and they know what suits you best.”  Miss 13


“I personally prefer bralettes as you can barely feel them but they aren't extremely practical for going out or school. I see bra's as more of a necessity as they help support your breasts and although it can be used as a fashion thing (bras with detailing such as lace, colours, etc.) they are essential for most people. I personally wear bras with padding and I sometimes dislike the lack of strapless bras as they're usually difficult to find especially in beige (in my size).” Miss 15.

“I like a bra to be comfortable and supportive, but still look good on with some colour (if my school uniform required a white shirt then id opt out for a nude/ plain bra instead). Something that feels like you’re not really wearing anything and not annoying like some underwire bras digging into my skin. In terms of what I prefer to wear, its sports bras because personally I find them to be most comfortable and I find myself being active most of the time. A t-shirt bra is always a common choice when I’m not so active. I look for bras with support and that are still stylish and can provide me with heaps of comfort. I do like the fashion element of a bra because I feel more confident in it and how unique some bras are.

 I dislike when bras go through a load or two of washing then the ones with underside pop out of the stitching and the price of some!

In terms of being comfortable with bra shopping, it depends where I go to try on a bra, some girls that work there may give me odd look if I’m looking at a nice bra with a bit of lace for example. It does make me feel more uncomfortable and unwelcome in the store. When I’m in the fitting room I don’t feel awkward or uncomfortable anymore, because I am comfortable with my body. Although the first time I must admit I was a bit uneasy, but that’s all part of the process.” Miss 16

Let’s look at some bra options that girls can wear to school, personally I always lean on side of bras that are well made, provide optimum support and look good.

BONDS is a great option for tweens and fantastic as a transition into wearing bras everyday, they have vibrant prints and wide elastic for comfort, from the crop tops you will then move into their bralette's.

tweens bras crop tops


LORNA JANE are fantastic for the active teen! They are such a great variety of styles and colors so there is something for every personality.




BRASTOP is for the girls who are D cup PLUS, they have great options for Sports Bras as well as T-Shirt bras... Some of our favourites are Panache and Freya for both sports and t-shirt bras.



JOURNELLE have a lovely range for lingerie full stop, but I love their t-shirt bras for teens as they ooze comfort, support and elegance. (Not adult elegance, but just small subtle details that look nice.)




What do you like and look for in a bra?

We are on standby for assistance when needed and required!




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