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10 August 15

Avocado Lingerie

In our attempt to see diversity in our lingerie stores, today I bring you Avocado Lingerie.

There is an elegance and a sense of grace that this lingerie oozes that gets my attention. Lingerie brands that produce for the masses without stopping to ensure it’s an amazing bra don’t get my attention. But one that offers a uniqueness and passion for lingerie, now that I admire.

“To make amazing lingerie you must know women, their fears and desires, in all their diversity. Our lingerie is manufactured in small quantities in a wide range of sizes. Avocado lingerie is seemingly delicate, but in fact really strong and well shaped.” 

A pint sized company, their lingerie is handmade and the designs can be quite eccentric, so they have no creative boundaries. With more effort making something unique as well as practical. I asked Co Founder and Avocado Lingerie Designer Ania, to give us an insight about Avocado Lingerie.

We started Avocado 14 years ago, as a family business run by two sisters. From the beginning I am the designer of all the collections. 

I've always loved lingerie. My size is about 70-75E, so nothing large really; my early experience with pretty lingerie used to be a bit frustrating, though.

I used to find beautiful bras, ones I really wanted to wear. Whenever I saw them in basic A- D sizes, they were really pretty. These were the ones pictured in posters and ads. When I asked for a D+ equivalent, I was often offered  a sort of  an 'ugly sister' of the C-cup one: in different shape, with different proportions. Even though it was made with the same embroidery as the "pretty one", it looked different because of the change of proportions. You could tell the "basic" version (the A-D cup one) was the one that the designer put the effort to. The D+ was just an addition to the line, an ugly sister of the main product.

And I wanted the D+ to be the Belle of the ball!

Our lingerie is designed to look delicate but to be as supportive as possible. We use the highest quality Swiss and French embroidery and lace. We know exactly what works in bigger sizes. Certain embroideries may look beautiful in samples, but lose their appeal in a bigger size bra, but then again there are some that look absolutely the best in a D+ cup bras;  we have learnt how to choose these proper ones. We make lingerie that is both elegant and sexy in a very natural way: our bras are soft and sheer with no padding, our shapes - understated.

I have always loved French lingerie, but their constructions (of the companies I knew at that time)  just weren't right for me shape-wise, nor were they supportive enough. British aesthetics didn't really appeal to me, but their constructions worked just great! And I wanted both: the look I love and the construction that I feel bigger-breasted women can rely on.

So our designs are dedicated to D+ cup women, so our size range is from 60 to 90 in band and D to J in cup size.  In order to be able to offer a perfect fit, we produce our bras not only in a vast range of sizes, but also in several different styles (constructions), that may look very similar to one another, but fit differently and are suitable for various bust shapes.

We constantly work on these  constructions  - we introduce new styles or make alterations to the existing ones. At the moment we are working on simplifying the constructions  range so that the differences between the styles and their shapes can be spotted more easily. 

In our lingerie, the whimsical design meets our obsession with making the perfect bra: wearable, supportive and beautifully shaped.
Although, after 14 years of making bras, we realise that there may not be one perfect bra shape for everyone, deep down we never stopped trying to create it anyway, whilst making the most of every bra construction we make and use absolutely best fabrics possible. For our lingerie we use French lace and Swiss embroidery exclusively."


But enough talking and you can see for yourself.

braqueen chamade


braqueen jewel cassis


braqueen jewel choco


braqueen orlando


braqueen jolie chloe


braqueen calypso1


The size range is:

Band Size: 60 to 90 (6 to 18)

Cups: D to J.

Here is a graphic with their styles description to illustrate the complexity of our bra shapes options.




















Which ones do you like?



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