13 October 15

Avocado Lingerie Review

The biggest and most important element to a bra and where most brands skimp on is the material… for me the material is absolutely essential to a good bra.

My fit models and I have been road testing and wearing some of the Avocado Lingerie range over the last few weeks, so it is time to let you know what we think!

Avocado Lingerie is not readily available in Australia and I feel it has an edge in the market that hasn’t yet been taken here. The first thing I noticed was the material, it is really soft and has an air elegance about it. The color palette is lovely and different to what we are seeing on our shelves here. It is slightly more high end than Freya, Ewa Michalak Panache and that you can see that instantly when you feel the materials used and the attention to detail.

The cut, lift, separation and shapes are really beautiful, which suited a variety of breast shapes, sizes and figures. The shapes vary from a rounded breast shape to a natural shape, which I think depending on what you like will determine which is better for you.

This range is for the woman who enjoys a soft elegance, she likes to feel beautiful yet still comfortable in the lingerie she wears. She is unique and confident in her skin and she likes to be a little bit more eccentric with the lingerie she wears. She likes to opt for lingerie that is different, because it’s an extension of her personality….

Avocado bras, like this woman is strong in the areas that you need them to be, gentle in other areas where they need to be gentle and has a strong sense of attention to detail, leaving no area unfinished… each element serving a purpose to give us the complete unique and divine vision that you are.


braqueen jewel cassis

Chamade braqueen chamade


Jolie Chloe

braqueen jolie chloe

Jewel Choco

braqueen jewel choco


braqueen orlando


Sizes range from:

Back Sizes: AU 6 to 20

Cup Sizes: C to L.

Price range: $70 to $95 (two styles sit at $140, due to the detailed work in the making if them)


Side note: You do receive a 15% discount when you first subscribe!


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  • But how do I know how their sizing works? I’ve tried on bras that I was assured by consultants would be comfortable or suit my breast shape or whatever and they’ve been inordinately excruciating. If I buy (basically sight unseen online) what if it feels really uncomfortable?

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