5 February 13

Australia & European Lingerie

Rewind 9 years and the lingerie world was very different, extremely different. Cups sizes beyond a DD cup was like trying to find a needle in a haystack, all that was available in Australia was Australian brands and they were pretty average.

What I love about hearing stories is the vision, what I love about successful businesses is the fact that they don’t look for an opportunity. Instead they become the visionaries and predict they way the market is going. To me that is what business and life is all about, having a vision and making it happen.


The year was 2003 and Studio Europe opened its online store, they were the first lingerie store in Australia that offered European Lingerie. The pioneers of what has since become one of Australia’s most sort after lingerie. European lingerie has been one of my favourites for many years because they just seem to understand the female form. They don’t try and change it but make lingerie to fit it, using succulent materials and fantastic designs. They are the world leaders in lingerie, in my opinion.

Studio Europe has since delivered over 100,000 orders through out Australia and continues to offer women the finest European Lingerie. They believe that all women are beautiful and are passionate about sourcing lingerie that caters for all ages, all sizes and all shapes.


What’s not to love about a great vision?


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