21 March 14


I am REALLY excited about this because it's the first program we have released in 12 months! We have been focusing on the Lingerie Vault and our clients but we get requests for our programs all the time.

This different to anything we have done before and you will LOVE IT! Instead of giving you a long drawn out sales spiel I decided to give you the exact process I did crafting this action packed program. The questions I asked myself to tailor a program that will have an extreme impact on your business.

Take a look...


How Long: 8 weeks but with 10 weeks email support

Aim: A short punchy program where I work closely with joyful, passionate business owners to create real results, a solid business structure and we create a map and a strategy so they can manifest their global vision.

Objective: When they finish the program they will have everything they need to take their business to the next level; Clarity, direction, business models, profit models, marketing strategies, team building and whatever else comes up in our one on one’s.

Who’s it for?

  • Start up businesses that want to invest in their vision and get expert advice and support.
  • Established businesses that want to grow and expand their business.
  • Businesses that are doing well and want to create a more conscious business and create more time for themselves.

They get:

6 x one on one session with me

8 weekly worksheets

Unlimited email support

An 8-week program where you and I are together every step of the way, you get direct access to my 19 years in business and 8 years in lingerie. It will give you a strategic well thought through business model and structure so you can create flow and alignment within your business.

This program is designed for passionate and soulful lingerie entrepreneurs that would like to transform or create their vision into a profitable strategic business. It is where creators and visionaries will work in flow and alignment because you have a solid structure so energy can grow and you prosper.

We have cutting edge and powerful modules that are exclusive to Bra Queen.

How many spots are available?

I need to ensure that every person has the same time, care, support and attention. Time permits 6 programs can be sold.

What you can expect 

  • A specific business model that is aligned to your vision
  • Structure so you can grow your business with ease
  • Iron out any “wholes” within your business
  • A savvy marketing campaign
  • A profit model for your abundance
  • The highest vibrational match to your true potential
  • Extreme clarity, direction, support and unique one on one sessions that will give you the ultimate conscious business.

week one of program

week two

week three

week four

week 5 edit

week six

week seven

week eight

bonus week

bonus one

bonus two

Valued Over $7,504


 This price WILL increase to $6,997 and there are 6 spots available SO HURRY!

                           Kicks Off 26th May 2014!


If you are ready to align yourself with your global vision and create a structure that allows you and your business to grow and prosper then I will look forward to working with you!

PLEASE NOTE: This is so much fun and such an exciting program but while it is fun and amazing it is also extremely powerful. It will transform you and your business so I hope you are ready for the ride!

If you have any questions please email me or if it's just what you've been waiting for you can sign up now.





4 monthly payments of $999.25




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