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31 May 17

Amazon Australia. What does it mean for retailers?

You are probably over hearing about Amazon coming to Australia and what that means for Aussie retailers, you’re probably even really bored by it.

Amazon Australia has begun to roll out their super sized online mega store, starting with entertainment such as, audio books and TV series etc and looking to expand on that in September 2017.

While the information and word on Amazon is fascinating…

  • Their space (warehouse) will be around 5 times the size of the MCG… what!
  • Amazon is promising low prices, vast selection, and fast delivery.
  • One-hour delivery through Amazon Prime Now… crazy!
  • Amazon already makes $1 billion in sales in Australia

Now that is really something, it’s not the intent of this post.

What is the ONE thing Australian retailers need to worry about?

The word is MYER, Harvey Norman and JB Hi-fi will be the ones largely impacted and I am sure they have had numerous meetings on this very topic.

But what about small businesses?

What about MYER, Harvey Norman and JB?

What about the numerous other industries that this will affect… Fashion, beauty and the entire retail sector as a whole.

Smell opportunity.

It is no different to any other wave we have experienced.

  •  Shopping centres are still buzzing.
  • People are still leaving their house.
  • Yes, people buy online and the billion-dollar giant can vouch for that.

We are no longer business to business (B2B)

Business to consumer (B2C)

We are human to human.

Human first.

That has never changed and never will.

Yes, your profit may very well go down, by 5% it’s been recorded.

But it doesn’t have to.

The customer experience is everything, the way we serve, what we serve and how we make their day, how we make them feel… Matters.

Business is MORE than a piece of clothing

More than lunch

More than a convenience.

It should be something incredible, man when I enter a store I am hungry to be taken away and given a great service.

… Ravenous for it.

… Longing for it.

… Take me the fuck away in my lunch break.

 History tells us that people are prepared to wait for the right piece, rather then settle for the “right now”.

We can use that.

People are embracing the uniqueness and individuality more than ever before; generic items don’t cut it any more.

Amazon Australia is no different to people going to Coles or Woolworth's instead of the local market.

… Woolies stores are convenient, but it’s not an experience.

… The market is kinda out of our way, a little and we have to think about it, but bloody hell we feel great when we’re there and love the produce we get from there. We have gratitude all week for every single thing we consume from there… admiration for the quality, the taste and the human to human contact and smiles that were exchanged on the day.

An experience is not…

“Can I help you?”

“How are you today?”

Get creative and create an amazing experience.

But, in order for that to happen, you need to get your team HAPPY, switched on, tuned in and turned on. The frontline is fundamental for this to happen.


Invest in this and you will be laughing all the way to the bank.

You’ll be like…. “Amazon Australia… who, what, when?”


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