28 October 11


When we start out in business we have start up costs, the dollar amount that we put into our business. In our business plan we needed to do a break even analysis which is working out when we should expect our return on investment our ROI. Some thing we don’t take into consideration is the excitement and adrenalin we have to get us through those long days. But when days turn into weeks, months then years that excitement and adrenalin that got you through in the beginning is now sheer exhaustion and stress.

What is the return on your energy? Your ROE.

You work so hard in your business that it is not sustainable, you will run out of steam. They don’t tell you that in the beginning!

In the beginning you are prepared to do the hard yards and you have to be if you’re going to get to that break even point. But there will come a day when you need to step back and take a look around, look in the mirror and what do you see…really see. Maybe you’re already there? Refuel your tank; if your business doesn’t run as efficiently when you’re not in it then something has to change.

  • Look at the systems you have in place or don’t have in place.
  • Train your staff so it runs like a well oiled machine when you’re not there.
  • You really need to take time out and work ON your business; at least half of your time should be spent doing this.
  • Delegate whatever you don’t have to do and whatever your weaknesses are.

If you are worried about the costs of delegating there are some really inexpensive ways for you to do this, outsourcing is the new black!



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