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13 July 11


Ever wondered why your business isn't working for you no matter what you do and how hard you try?

Understanding you and knowing yourself is crucial in business however it is always overlooked. We do a SWOT for our business but if we do one for ourselves then it could go a long way from having a successful business. To understand the reason why you do certain things or know why certain things may annoy you. By doing that you can play to your strengths and know your weaknesses and create strategies so they only accelerate your performance and outcome.

Once you know your core values you need to align your values.

You see whether you know it or believe it what you put out to the universe and what you expect from life has to match 100% if you put out conflicting thoughts, energy and expectations, you can not get what you want and need. For example; if you like people to be open, be positive to give light to others and see only good things. Then you must be open, be positive to give light to others and see only good things.

I am going to tell you a true story. A girl name Jill opens up a business that is very exclusive and charges top dollar and provides an incredible service. In the beginning business is going very well then it begins to dwindle and in an attempt to turn business around Jill begins to expand and offer more things and expand her values. But all that happened is she got further into debt. She blamed everything, everyone and anyone expect herself.

Behind the scenes Jill in her everyday life didn’t see value in most things trying constantly to skimp on costs, always looking for bargains and specials. Truth be told, she expected her customers to pay top dollar and see the value in doing so however in her own life she didn’t follow the same thought process.

She was not aligned with her values.

Sadly Jill represents most people; it may be in a different form however the concept is the same.

You must align your values and live by them 100%....walk your talk in every aspect of your life, otherwise you will never reach the success, growth and prosperity you want and deserve. The secret to the success of this is to try and be present as much as your can, present meaning aware of the thoughts in your head, your actions and the words you speak.


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