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Bra Queen the short story (Passion and Purpose):

We guide, educate and inform lingerie entrepreneurs to work less and earn more.

Bra Queen delivers vivacious, strategic, savvy business mentoring to lingerie entrepreneurs through cutting edge courses and coaching. So together we can empower women through the self expression of lingerie.

The Long Story (history and the why)

For 7 years now I have been immersed in all things lingerie, I love it because I believe it’s a small thing you can do that makes you feel great….everyday.

I am 36 years young and all through out my journey and numerous jobs the common theme has been making women feel great. To make a difference to their everyday lives, that’s what lingerie does…that is what I always aspire to do.

My heart lies with business and the only way I know how to describe it is I come alive when I am forecasting, brainstorming strategies and creating magic for other businesses. That’s what I have been doing for 17 years, I have been working in and on business. Over the years people often describe what I do as original thinking and thinking outside the box, I connect with my clients on such a level that they say “How did you get in my head?”. It’s an organic process and intuition plays a big role in what I do, brilliant things always flow. I just have a knack to take ideas and turn them into well thought, strategic business models.

I believe that we are put on this earth to make a difference and it’s much bigger then “us” it’s what we can do and give to others. My business is not work it is an extension of my life because I get to make a difference. Everything we do at Bra Queen is based on honesty, integrity, passion and dose of happiness for good measure.

Business is important and I take it very seriously but I think it doesn’t have to be boring so we always deliver everything in an informative, fun and light hearted manner. Some things you can expect to see here. beach destination wedding dresses UK

  •  Honest and unbiased Bra Reviews (We NEVER expect money for our reviews)
  • You will see Sponsored Posts from time to time and we will only promote things we love & would recommend.
  • Bra fitting advice and How to find your bra shape
  • Sound business advice that will grow your business and transform your life
  • Up to date industry information
  • Inspiration and motivation to ensure you continue to love what you do
  • Breakthrough products that have been tried and tested with real results

I am a Professional Fitter, a Business Mentor, an avid Lingerie Blogger, a Mother of two gorgeous girls and a loving partner too my partner of 14 years Mr BQ.

We are in the process of a major restructure and face lift so watch this space because this is where it’s at.

Love & Laughter

Renee Mayne


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