About Bra Queen

Hi, I’m Renée and welcome to one the largest lingerie resource's and the pioneer of lingerie blogs. 

Bra Queen is not just about bras, it’s about giving women the freedom of self-expression that lingerie brings. I see a direct alignment to how women view lingerie to how they feel about life.

Lingerie is about embracing who you are as you are, not as you once were or what you want to become, but who you are right now and loving that…loving you.

Lingerie represents people, diversity in people and in lingerie is crucial for the world to operate… to function… to embrace every BODY.

Ten years ago I had a dream, a dream that women could buy lingerie easily without having to travel or scour the globe to find it. For women to wear beautiful lingerie (whatever beautiful is to you) every day that fits them like a glove so they felt confident and empowered.

When you focus on your foundations and you get them right - right by your standards not everybody else’s - everything else falls into place.


12 years later, I am still here and my mission is this…

Diversity. Diversity in our stores, in the models we see and for models to be a true representation of all women - without circling around or it even making news when a woman of color, race or disability makes news when a brand uses someone outside the usual model scope.

Because seriously what are we teaching our kids? I’m done. I want my girls to love who they are, as they are. To know that health is more than diet and exercise it’s also about how we feel about the world and ourselves. To not judge but embrace every body and to give them love.

For lingerie to be easily accessible to women, full stop.

I am not your “normal” lingerie blogger, the world has lots of great lingerie blogs, but I’m not one of them.

I aim to deliver unbiased, independent advice, thoughts and feelings to all things lingerie, but also encourage you to feel alive from the inside out.

You’re getting a real, raw understanding of diversity, body image, breast care and breast cancer because this all relates to how we feel about ourselves and being able to choose and where the right lingerie for us.

In my ten years as Bra Queen, I have been lucky enough to work with some of our biggest lingerie brands, start up lingerie designers where it has been an idea and watched it develop into an entire collection. I developed the world’s number one bra fitting app and consulted, trained and mentored our most successful lingerie businesses. And I feel truly blessed.

Thank you, thank you thank you.

My Services.

I offer a wide range of services, but feel free to connect directly if it’s not on the list, I’m happy to discuss:

  • Bra fitting training
  • Plus Size Modelling
  • Lingerie Design Consultant
  • Endorsements
  • Customer service and team building training
  • Leadership training
  • Consulting
  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Presenting and voice over work
  • Speaking.


My Bio.

I am an international speaker and sought after business mentor for people who want to make money and touch lives of in a positive way.

I have worked with some of Australia’s leading companies and start up entrepreneurs and am renowned for guiding my clients into the deeper aspects of their life and business vision and giving them advanced tools to their actual purpose. Using a combination of my razor sharp intuitive skills and my 21 year business background until the outcome is achieved. I stop at nothing to make that happen.

These skills have taken me around the world and given countless people an abundant life changing life and business. I have been featured in every major media publishing house and becoming known as “The next generation thought leader for providing insight, inspiration and infinite intelligence.”

You can learn more about me at my website: www.reneemayne.com.au.


Renée xxx


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