27 February 18

We’re All Fierce

The battle is real.

Already feeling foreign in your skin and unable to find clothes to fit, because your girls are so big.

Always feeling defeated and like a second-class citizen because you are unable to shop locally because of your giant bazookas.

The struggle is real.

Having to go up 3 dress sizes just so your buttons don’t pop open.

The hope, the hope is one of my favourite things, like when Bras n Things said they now carried larger cup sizes so we all go in to get fitted and there is none in the store, they are only online… but we tried. *dumb

Like when a range of plus size bras is launched by large label and it stops a G cup and you’re a H cup… or larger. *so close but so far.

The hope is real.

More than anything I want to feel good in my own skin, to feel sensual, safe, comfortable, sexy, beautiful or maybe glamorous. (whatever I choose on that day)

More than anything I want to shop locally and find beautiful lingerie that cater for every BODY.

More than anything I want kids with curves to grow up not feeling awkward or ashamed of their bodies.

More than anything I want to see a day and time where using a plus size model isn’t a good service gesture or an attempt for some free publicity.

More than anything I want to see people being kind to themselves and others.

We are fierce.

All of us.

How we feel about ourselves determines how we show up everyday.

Seriously this shit matters.

The media, lingerie brands, plus size models and the fashion industry… I am done with blame or even asking why and saying the word should.

It starts with us. Me. You.

Taking responsibility for how we show up everyday and supporting brands and businesses that support us, see us and hear our call.

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