30 November 10

5 Ways To Put More Money Into Your Business

  • 99% of businesses want to have financial freedom, to grow their business and spend less time in the business so they can work on their business or have more time at home. Trouble is; are you really ready to work hard to make it happen?business_growth
  • 79% of businesses want the quick fix they want one easy reason as to way they aren’t making the money they want to be making. They also want one solution that won’t take to much time or money. They are always looking for that instant gratification….that instant reward and truth is it WILL NOT happen because you have to plan ahead, have a clear vision and work hard to make that happen.
  • 20% of businesses are prepared to work hard to build their business, to take the time and make it work. Overnight success does not happen it’s the chipping away, persistency and the passion that makes a business successful.

There is no ONE solution to make a business profitable but I can give you 5

1. Create moments- There is not one area of the customers experience that is the most important. Each one is vital to your success; each point has to have a moment where you are going the extra mile going from ordinary to extraordinary. It starts from the greeting, to the browsing, to the fits then to the point of sale. What are you doing to create moments for your customers?

2. Be prepared- Be prepared to take a risk, don’t be reckless but don’t be complacent either. Remember success is doing something that little bit extra.

3. Be Nice- Nice people are always surrounded by nice people…..so be nice, honest and authentic. Add value and have great ethics.

4. Common sense DOES NOT mean common practice.

5. Have a clear vision- How will you know when you have reached a goal if you don’t even know what it is? Even worse how will you know what needs to be done daily if you don’t know where you’re going? You wouldn’t drive somewhere you’ve never been without a map so why would you do it with in your business. Always have a plan.

What are you doing today that is paving the way to your business success?

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