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15 August 12

5 Reasons Why Celebrities are Awful Fashion Role Models

Many of us turn to celebrities for some style inspiration or just to learn about what’s hot – and what’s not – when it comes to putting together that new wardrobe. However, most celebrities work with professional stylists when they’re on camera or on set, and rarely make their own fashion decisions. When the paparazzi manage to catch a celebrity “off duty”, we often see some serious fashion mistakes and ensembles that would never get the nod of approval from the fashion police. While some celebrities do have a keen eye for style – stars including Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Jessica Simpson all have their own fashion lines – others are simply fashion disasters in the making.

Here are five reasons why celebrities are awful fashion role models:

1. They don’t always know about the latest trends. Even when a celebrity is walking down the red carpet or attending some exclusive events, they can be completely clueless about what the latest trends are. Almost all work with a stylist to put together that camera-ready ensemble, but we still see some major style snafus on the red carpet. Check out People magazine’s “worst-dressed” list after a big event and you’ll see many celebrities that are anything but fashion role models.

2. Celebrities wear custom-made ensembles. Many celebrities wear custom-made dresses, suits, and other ensembles from major fashion houses. This means that the same dress or pantsuit isn’t available to the general public and won’t ever be made again. If we can’t find that item for sale at a store or boutique, we don’t have many options for replicating the look from someone who is supposed to be a fashion role model.

3. Celebrities’ outfits can be too expensive for the general public. Whether they get their outfit custom made by a couture designer or special-ordered from their favorite boutique, many celebrity outfits can cost thousands of dollars and you won’t be able to replicate the look with your average lineup of clothes at the department store.

4. Many are unnaturally thin. In an effort to be as fabulous as possible, many celebrities are on starvation diets and exercise regularly just to stay thin and maintain their idealized figures. Though they won’t admit it publicly, many are fighting a private battle with an eating disorder and may even have a poor body image. While they can wear impossibly small clothes and look great as they walk down the red carpet, these unhealthy figures are hardly considered to be beautiful in real life and can be very damaging to young girls’ self-esteem.

5. They promote an unachievable ideal. For many women, looking like their favorite celebrity comes at a very high price. This is often in the form of multiple plastic surgery procedures, purchasing extremely expensive designer clothing, and wearing outfits only once before the trend falls out of style. Celebrities often promote an unachievable ideal and a fantasy lifestyle that very few women will ever experience or achieve in their lifetimes. Turning to these celebrities for fashion tips can be a costly, and even frustrating, venture.

There’s no harm in being fashion-forward and trendy as long as you’re confident with who you are and of course, you’re not harming yourself or anybody else in the process. I’d like to keep in mind that it’s not always about how you look with the clothes or the makeup but how you bring it and how you wear it. Inner beauty always exudes outer beauty and a healthy does of fashion makes it explode!

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