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29 June 12

5 Mistakes People Make In Business

This week I have stumbled across an abundance of businesses that make it so hard to buy, register and enquire. Frankly, it drives me nuts!

When I was working on cruise liners we had this saying “This person is a lash” and what we meant by that is “This person is an easy sell, they will buy”. (I know it’s a bit unorthodox) For those who don’t know I am a Hairdresser by trade and I spent a long time working in day spa’s where we offered a service but it was all about the up-sell. It was nothing for us to make around US$150,000 every 3 days during a time when the Australian dollar was 50cents to the US dollar.

Anyway getting back on track… I am a lash. I will buy anything IF you make me want it and you make it easy for me.

  1. Make me want it
  2. Make it easy


Or not.

Experience 1.

I receive an email from a friend in business recommending a teleclass from “An amazing business coach”. Great, I will check it out and see why my friend loves and adores her like I do her. To be honest my first thought was a teleclass…really, do they still do those? It seems very 5 years ago. But who am I to judge and if my friend recommends her then I will see what the fuss is about. I click to register for a FREE teleclass and it took me 5 minutes to register. I had to answer so many questions it was ridiculous!

TIP-  Make the information you capture relevant and only take what you need.

Experience 2.

I receive a newsletter from another “leader” asking everyone to complete a survey, no problem. I send out surveys and they are great to ensure you deliver what your community want and need. I click to fill out the survey and the first thing I have to do is type in my personal details. I skim over that and check out the questions…..all 50 of them! 50 questions are you for real?

TIP 1- If you want honest feedback personal details should NOT be mandatory

TIP 2- Respect your community’s time and keep questions quick, simple and easy to answer. Ten questions are more then enough to get the information you need, 50 is excessive.  

Experience 3

Reading, reading and reading from assorted people online and through out the various social media channels. Businesses do not engage well with there followers and the followers try to engage them but they don’t answer. They ask a question and invite conversation while telling people they care about “the people” and then leave the conversation and don’t interact or respond.

TIP: Don’t ask the question if you are not prepared to listen to the answer, it’s like asking someone a question and walking into the next room while they tell you their answer.

Experience 4

Another common trait is you see people, leaders and guru’s talk about themselves 99% of the time. Telling us how fabulous they are and everything they have achieved and why you should buy this join that and come here. Don’t get me wrong I respect you and all you have done but the world is bigger then you and I. Our experiences make us grow and we need to tell you what we have done and can do otherwise what place do we have helping others if we haven’t lived it ourselves. BUT it’s not about what “we” do it’s about what we can give and contribute to other peoples lives. I want to know YOU the real you, I care about you and how can I make your world a better place.

Experience 5

I receive an email from someone saying this is a MUST ATTEND event, it’s the event of the year. I click to find out more information- Bio of speaker, super. About the event, cool. Where, when, how much and how can I buy? Email for more information. Seriously, are you on crack? If you think that people are going to email you just to find out how much it is when they don’t even know you… some may but the majority will not.

TIP: Sell they way people want to buy.

Buying and selling is easy, every body needs “stuff” but we don’t go back to buy again and tell our friends about “stuff”. We go back for the experience because we resonated with the values, the meaning, the information and the experience you gave us. We go back because we feel like you “get” us, we like the way you care and do business.

Keep it simple

  1. What values does your business have?
  2. Tell us WHY not the how and what.
  3. Make it easy for us.
  4. Make us like you for you- the real you.
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  • Absolutely agree on all counts, Renee! It never ceases to amaze me what people get away with in business…Keep it coming!

  • Hey Kath,

    Thank you! I don’t usually like to write in such a way however I just seen sooo much of it this week and it just doesn’t make sense. It’s really poor customer service and bad marketing really!

    I know honesty is very important to you as well hence why you get it 😉

    Bra Queen recently posted..5 Mistakes People Make In Business

  • When you say ‘such a way’ do you mean negatively? and negatively involving other people? I don’t like that either but sometimes you just have to point out what’s wrong to make your point.

  • Yes I don’t do negative so I really took a walk on the wild side with this post 😉

    Bra Queen recently posted..5 Mistakes People Make In Business

  • Fabulous post Renee and I couldn’t agree more, particularly point two. I hate giving away personal details and seriously, who has time to sit and answer 50 questions? As for point five I think people are so stuck on “building their list” they forget that actually what they need to do is get people to register/sign-up.
    Bridie Jenner recently posted..#OzSBChat 3 – BufferApp

  • Hi Bridie,

    Totally agree! When we work from the space of giving what our customers and community want and need, do it from a selfless place and magic happens for everyone 🙂

    Bra Queen recently posted..5 Mistakes People Make In Business

  • Lawrence

    Those are really great tips for people who want to go into business, especially one that it online. After all, they are well based on how people want to deal with businessmen.
    Lawrence recently posted..jamorama guitar lessons course

  • Thanks Lawrence! It’s always a nice reminder on how to conduct yourself 🙂

    Bra Queen recently posted..5 Mistakes People Make In Business

  • Joshua

    You are truly write when you mentioned the mistakes that business people do. The business should be about the client, what we can offer them. The problem with some people is that they believe that a lot of words will get more clients.
    Joshua recently of jamorama

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts guys! I totally agree Cantrell, we need to think about our customers in everyway and more then that listen to what they want. I was say “Listen to and respect where they are and find out where they want to go and give them a map to get there.”

    Bra Queen recently posted..The Current State Of Australian Business

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