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28 August 12

5 Lingerie Bloggers, 5 Lingerie Questions

Today is an exciting day!  Many of our audience have the same questions so we thought it was a good idea to not only answer them but also ask some of my favourite Lingerie Bloggers, you get  to hear about why they love lingerie and what makes them different. There are many fabulous lingerie blogs however we wanted to hear from the lingerie blogs who don’t have stores and do not actually sell lingerie.

5 Lingerie Blogs, 5 Questions

Me- Renee, Bra Queen

Immersed in ALL things Lingerie, my 2 favourite things are bras and business! I LOVE transforming business and believe in Stereo UN Typical Success.




1. Why do you love lingerie?

I believe it’s a small thing that you can do that makes you feel great, no matter who you are and what you do lingerie has the ability to give you confidence and empowerment. We can embrace who we are and express ourselves in a way where no one else will see….only if we want them too.

2.  What is your brand message?

It’s important to us that we deliver honest and unbiased information for both women and lingerie businesses. We NEVER accept money for reviews and we have a few advertisers however we have strict rules around who we promote. We like to have fun because we believe that life shouldn’t be boring so that is always injected as much as possible.

3. What are the values that your blog has?

Passion- a passion for all things lingerie, a passion for women to educate them on all things lingerie, a passion for business because that is driver and makes us come alive.

4. What is your point of difference to other lingerie blogs?

I’m a Professional Bra Fitter so it’s important to me that I educate women on their bras, bra sizes and their bra shape. I look at lingerie for the function as well as the fashion point of view. I’m also a business mentor so I work with lingerie businesses and designers who want to work less and earn more while empowering women through lingerie. For me it’s perfect because I can combine my love for lingerie with my love for business.

5. What are you’re favourite lingerie blogs?

I love all the girls featured in this post, I love that their blogs are an extension of who they are, their blogs are personal so you get a real sense of who they are. I love their passion for lingerie!


Georgina Horne, Fuller Figure and Fuller Bust

'Forever battling with diets, huge bras and high street dresses.  I am here to share my experiences about living with and shopping for a fuller figure and bust.'  




1. Why do you love lingerie?

I love lingerie because I can now wear it!  I never used to be able too find/wear/afford gorgeous bras in my size and now my knicker drawer is bursting at the seams with colours, patterns, plunges, balconettes, padding... you always want what you can't have and now I have and I no longer want for anything!

2. What is your brand message?

My brand message be happy in the skin you are in, just as long as your bra fits you well!  I am a devil for trying to bra fit everyone, I have had friends shout at me for wanting to approach random women with their back bands riding up, double boobs everywhere, straps slipping down!  I just want every woman to understand bras and wear them correctly.

3. What are the values that your blog has?

I hate body snark.  Yes I am full figured but that doesn't mean I should insult slim women!

I also believe in health at every size and making changes to your body for YOU and how you really feel about it.

4. What is your point of difference to other lingerie blogs?

I think the fact that I am larger and prepared to demonstrate how everything looks, 360 degrees is a little different!  I also think the variety of topics and reviews is something a little off the beaten track.

5. What are you’re favourite lingerie blogs?

Invest In Your Chest - Cheryl is my fairy blog mother!  CurvyWordy, Thin and Curvy, Sophia Jenner, Kel Kitty, Undercover Lingerista, Braless In Brasil, Boosaurus, Busts4Justice, The Lingerie Addict, Butterfly Collection, A Sophisticated Pair, Venuisian many!  I love reading and writing blogs!


Cora Harrington (Treacle), The Lingerie Addict

Founder of The Lingerie Addict, the world's leading lingerie blog. Digital media consultant for the lingerie industry. Obsessed with lace.




1. Why do you love lingerie? I love lingerie because it's such a powerful means of self-expression. I feel like that often gets lost because so much of the conversation about lingerie in our culture focuses on being 'SEXY' and the effect your undergarments will have on your significant other. But lingerie is really the ultimate interpretation of your fashion sense. No matter what your job is or what you have to wear in your everyday life, you can always have on the things you really love (whatever they are) underneath.

2. What is your brand message? That lingerie is for every woman, no matter her size, age, income, or ethnicity.

3. What are the values that your blog has? The Lingerie Addict is all about being accessible and hospitable, and I mean that in every sense of the world. From giving readers multiple options for engaging with TLA content to promising a personal response to reader e-mails to making our blog an emotionally safe place to visit (as of this year, we're a Body Snark Free), we're all about making the vast world of intimates a friendlier one for every woman.

4. What is your point of difference to other lingerie blogs? From my perspective every lingerie blog has the same point of one thinks about lingerie in exactly the same way. When you're a blogger, people are visiting your site to get your unique point of view, and that's every bloggers point of difference.

5. What are your favourite lingerie blogs? Lately, I've been reading a new blog, The Lingerie Lesbian. I also enjoy Butterfly Collection's blog, The Full Figured Chest (Holly is one of our columnists), and Slip of a Girl.


Holly Jackson, The Full Figure Chest
Holly is a digital content specialist and well known lingerie columnist. She currently writes on a monthly basis for The Lingerie Addict, The Lingerie Journal, McPeteSez, Bella Bella Boutique, Butterfly Collection, and Handmade Success.
Holly lives in Jackson, Mississippi, along with a pen and ink illustrator and an overactive springer spaniel mix dog named Sir Didymus.


1. Why do you love lingerie?

I think wearing great lingerie under your clothes is like having a secret super power. The market is big and broad enough now that there are great bras being made in pretty much any size range. I always cringe when I hear people say that no one makes lingerie for them, because it just isn't true. Lingerie can be used to express your personality, feel like a princess, or just feel like a badass in the boardroom.

2. What is your brand message?

I try to maintain a blog that is inclusive and informational. Great lingerie is for everyone and no one should feel excluded from that. I run my own lingerie copywriting company, so I think by nature the blog covers more of the industry than some other full bust/plus size blogs do. I focus heavily on indie companies and more offbeat offerings from the larger companies. I've never featured a nude bra, ever.

3. What are the values that your blog has?

I don't do a ton of reviews and I very rarely do sponsored reviews. That means if something shows up on the blog it's because I liked it enough to pay for it. Lots of blogs out there are just reviews -- many of the sponsored ones aren't labeled as such so it's hard to tell a real opinion from an opinion that may come from an ongoing relationship that the blogger and the company has. I work hard to be a trustworthy source of information rather than just a review site.

4. What is your point of difference to other lingerie blogs?

My blog focuses heavily on indie designers as well as lingerie for HH to L cups. I also spend lots of time covering the current trends and how you can make them work if you're extremely full busted.

5. What are your favourite lingerie blogs?

For industry news, I'm a big fan of The Lingerie Addict (where I'm also their full bust columnist) and Lingerie Talk. Hourglassy has been around for ages and is a favorite of mine, but Sweet Nothings NYC is my newest blog obsession. You can't go wrong with baking and lingerie.


Cheryl Warner- Invest In Your Chest

A Lingerie blogger livin' the dream. I have a ridiculous amount of love for The Smiths, shoes, and tea. The blog was born on 18th October 2010 in response to the awful fitting service I received on the high street. Invest In Your Chest is a 100% independent, completely unsponsored site.



1. Why do you love lingerie?

I love lingerie because of the way if makes me feel. In the past, I've had a love/hate relationship with undercrackers, as I'd been fitted on the high street and I never found my boobs looked or felt good. At one point I had gaping AND overspill - so not a good look! It wasn't until I was fitted by Bravissimo and I saw how bras could look and feel amazing that my outright obsession started. Lingerie, for me, is the ultimate expression of femininity.

2. What is your brand message?

I wouldn't say that Invest In Your Chest is a brand to be honest. As a blog my message is of good fit and to introduce full busted women to the choice that is available to them in their sizes. I don't make money from my blog despite it being darn hard work - but it's a labour of love. I give my opinion on my favourite brands and styles, but I'm in no way an expert and really, it what it is: I'm just a girl blogging about her favourite bra and pants in her bedroom.

3. What are the values that your blog has?

Fit, body confidence and acceptance is a must, and that you should only change your weight or images for yourself - nobody else! I'm under the firm impression that the correct fitting bra can change your life, and that really is the best place to start when it comes to 'investing in your chest'. There is a world of good fitting practice beyond La Senza, Victoria's Secret, Marks and Spencer...

4. What is your point of difference to other lingerie blogs?

When I started my blog there weren't really many other blogs, certainly not in the full bust sector. My point of difference could be the fact that I blog as a small framed, fuller busted girl from the UK, but my opinion on bras and shapes differs a little as I have fairly wide set breasts and prefer fabric cups. To mix it up a little, I've also got Becky Mount on side, giving the opinion of a close set pair of boobs which are also slightly larger. Neither of us are 'cookie cutter' sizes, so I think people like to see and identify with that.

My voice and opinion also aims to take the 'taboo' our of the D+ world, and my regular reviews get a lot of positive feedback as it helps women who are shopping online - where many of us are forced to shop unfortunately!

5. What are you’re favourite lingerie blogs?

I have to list them as there are just so many. The ones I have to keep going back to include: Miss Underpinnings, Busts4Justice, The Lingerie Addict, Hourglassy , Thin and Curvy, Bras I Hate, The Full Figured Chest, Braless In BrasilA Sophisticated Pair, Venuisian Glow and, of course, Bra Queen!


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  • I really enjoyed reading the answers from each blogger. I love the fact that you are all so passionate about lingerie and postive body image. It’s refreshing to see common sense on the subject, too. Thank you for introducing me to your blogs and to the ones you love to read.

    • braqueen

      Thanks Anne! I know I really enjoyed hearing everyones thoughts on why the blog about lingerie and we are similiar but also very different.

      Ditto about positive body image and it’s just accepting yourself for who you are and loving what you see. And it is such a great way to express yourself.


  • I’ve heard horrific statistics about the number of women who are wearing the wrong size bra. These lingerie bloggers obviously know a thing or ten about what a well-fitting bra can do for a woman. Why not make the most of our gorgeous assets?

    • braqueen

      Haha totally agree Janet! I know you think there is so much infomation out there but women are still not wearing that right bra. But we are on a mission to change it 🙂


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  • I NEVER knew there was such a thing as Lingerie Blogging! (Though I suppose I should have seeing I read yours Renee!) Thanks for introducing me to a bunch of new thoughts about the ‘girls”!

    • braqueen

      Rest assured Chris your girls will always be looked after!


  • Emma

    I have been reading the blogs and following them through to some of the suppliers, I very much like the look of the PinupGirl dresses, they are so cute!

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