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24 October 11


During a time when so many Lingerie Stores look the same and stock the same things every now and again you find one that POPS. I love the message that is at the heart of this business, that every woman can embrace her sensuality with elegance and style, to be empowered and that every woman can have the freedom to be herself.

SIDE NOTE: When I went into this store I nearly fell over when I seen the price tag…not because its expensive but because it is so affordable.

Step Behind the Velvet Rope and Discover Bellechasse:

Australia’s Luxury Fashion Lingerie Destination

Bellechasse  means “the beautiful hunt”

Whoever you are in the bedroom, Bellechasse is your key to a brave new world of intimacy. Inspired by Hotel Le Bellechasse and the French attitude to female sexuality, this avant-garde fashion and lifestyle brand is unashamedly empowered. It openly celebrates passion and sensuality and creates a luxurious haven for you to feel confident physically, emotionally and sexually.

As Australia’s premier ready-to-wear lingerie label, Bellechasse celebrates the female form while providing the ultimate fit. Searching the globe for luxe fabrics and accenting with the latest fashion trends, this is the kind of lingerie you’ll never want to hide!

Discover an exclusive range of lingerie from Bellechasse’s own self-titled label as well as cult international labels like Made by Niki Marlies Dekkers, Jenny Packham and Princesse Tam Tam.

Based on the belief that honouring and expressing your sensuality is essential for a joie de vivre, Bellechasse also presents a range of designer bedroom accessories. Not only do our instruments of pleasure inspire boudoir play, imagination and romance - they help create it!  And while we are always open and unashamed of what happens behind closed doors, we know that style and a sophisticated approachability is just as important.

To evoke your senses, every detail of the Bellechasse boutique has been considered. From the opulent design by architect David Hicks, through to the video art installation, and our premium lingerie fitting and styling advice, this is a space for giving in to indulgence.

1052 High Street, Armadale VIC 3143


We have 5 lovely gift bags to GIVE AWAY to the total value of $450.

Finish this sentence in 25 words or less-

Lingerie makes me feel….



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  • Kellie

    Beautiful, loved, important, playful, like I am capable of anything.

    • braqueen

      Who wouldn’t want to feel like that 🙂 Awesome x

  • Raelene Graham

    Or dangerous,dominant and delectable!
    Self assured,fortitude immense
    Lingerie gives me a sexy air of confidence!

    • braqueen

      I LOVE how lingerie makes us feel it is just awesome!

  • christine morris

    Lingerie, makes me feel like im a sexy Beast lol, would love some new lingerie and yours look very Sexy:)

    • braqueen


  • Lingerie makes me feel beautiful just as I an

    • braqueen

      🙂 Great! We love beautiful x

  • megan canfarini

    comp entry,

    Lingerie makes me feel… and beautiful even when looking in the mirror tells me different, it makes me feel like a woman

    • braqueen

      You know Megan the mirror can also say you are sexy and beautiful just the way you are! Rx

  • Kylie K

    Empowered, sexy and desirable. When I feel sexy I feel as I could take on the world.

    • braqueen

      Love it!

  • Sarah Dutton

    pretty!!! and it makes me smile as i feel good about myself… amazing how lingerie can completely change a person…

    • braqueen

      That it can and does 🙂

  • Tracy A

    Supported….being blessed/curse with big boobs . I need the support !

    • braqueen

      Yes support is crucial!

  • Tracy Rudd

    Like Nature’s gift all wrapped up in the prettiest packaging! 😉

    • braqueen

      AWWW Bless that is so sweet!

  • Erin Phillips

    Beautiful in front of my partner, as a plus size lady most underwear is ugly and plain so pretty lingere really helps bring me out of my ugly bubble

    • braqueen

      I believe that no one is ugly but you’re right lingerie does make us feel good 🙂

  • Michele Flynn

    Evocative, self-assured – without the painful memories once floating around my brain and positive and happy about the future.

    • braqueen

      That’s a great place 🙂

  • melanie w

    Confident, sexy, playfuland alive
    i even feel a boost to my sex drive
    which keeps hubbys happiness alive!

    • braqueen

      That is AWESOME!

  • Kye S

    Makes me feel like a woman! Comfort, support with a bit of spice! The one thing I know wont let me down ;D

    • braqueen

      In more ways then one! Haha gold 🙂

  • Paula Smith

    amazingly beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. Beautiful lingerie brings added confidence to ones self esteem!

    • braqueen

      It sure does!

  • Sexy, spirited and proud. Passionate and playful. I wear lingerie for me, no one else. But when my husband is lucky, he gets to see it too.

    • braqueen

      What a way to feel! Magic 🙂

  • Jess

    As a Mum of 3 it’s hard to be,
    A Sexy, sultry and sassy me!
    But in the bedroom dressed in silk and lace
    Makes my husbands heart start to race!

    • braqueen

      Yes its hard sometimes to feel sexy when you’re covered in snot and vomit 🙂 Lingerie always brings us back!

  • Sexy and beautiful, nothings better than walking around in nothing but acute pair of nickers!

    • braqueen


  • carla smith

    like a have a secret and i want to whisper it in my husbands ear

    • braqueen

      Awww! Priceless

  • Devon

    Like the sexy, seductive person that’s usually only on the inside can finally come out and say, “Huzzah!” 😉

    • braqueen


  • Patricia Jay

    Lingerie makes me feel absolutly empowered taking me to a place of natural sexuality, free of all inhibitions,allowing me to be true to myself !

    • braqueen

      Love 🙂

  • Lingerie makes me feel ALL woman, Confident, Sexy, Secure, In-Control and Loved…. enjoy me knowing and someone else maybe finding out later…

    • braqueen

      It sure does! Rx

  • Honestly, I’ve never had any lingerie! I’ve always found when I was young and slimmer that there was nothing but granny clothes to choose from and now there is a greater range I can’t make my finances stretch far enough to buy any! I can’t wear underwear with wires so it costs me $40 + to just buy one bra. However I imagine if I was wearing it I would be feeling glamorous!

    • braqueen

      Very glamorous it is well worth the investment!

  • Lingerie makes me feel sensual, womanly and sexy 🙂

    • braqueen


  • Rose

    Lingerie makes me feel completely empowered and in control that I can take the Bull by the horns!
    (I lived on a farm when younger).

    • braqueen

      GIDDY UP! From one country girl to another 🙂

  • Lingerie is my special touch to a special night with my partner as it encourages me to release my inner goddess!

    • braqueen

      Totally agree!

  • Good quality lingerie makes me feel powerful, sexy, in control, confident & on fire!! Jacinta

    • braqueen

      To be all you can be! Love it x

  • Claire

    Confident & beautiful!

    • braqueen

      Two of my favorite feelings 🙂

  • Confident.

  • mel

    Like a goddess. Brings out the sexy in me and in turn the animal in hubby.Sexy lingere = Happy home 🙂

  • braqueen


    Raelene Graham
    Megan Canfarini
    Tracy Rudd
    Raffi D
    Carla Smith

    Please email me your postal address

    THANK YOU to all who entered you are all such inspiring women!

  • Tracy Rudd

    Thank YOU, to you, Renee, and to Bellechasse Lingerie. xx

    Looking forward very much to receiving my lovely goodies, especially since I’m a fair way away from the boutique (try, about 1600kms!).

    And my man, the local postmaster, will be keeping an eye on the mail, eagerly awaiting the ‘pretty packaging’… 😉

  • Kye S

    Congrats Winners 🙂

  • You are managing well the quality of content on your blog. I love visiting your blog time to time for lingerie tips, advised and giveaways. Please keep writing for your followers like us.

  • Oh thank you so much Amenda that means a lot. Rx

  • Megan canfarini

    Oh what a shame, I completely missed this announcement that I was a winner 🙁

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