18 June 10

4 Tips To Creating a Rock Solid Business


Tip 1, Always employee talented & passionate people- This can be the hardest most frustrating element of a business however it is crucial that you get it right.

Tip 2, Create a working environment which people enjoy & in which they are continually challenged- If you do this it will stop any in house politics and it's super productive for you, your staff & the business.

Tip 3, Stay focused
on what you are to achieve rather then doing a million things at once
- Do one thing well at any given time, I know you think you can do a zillion things at once and you're right your probably can however to produce the best quality work you can it needs your 100% attention.

Tip 4, Always be focused on both growing your revenue & controlling cost; not just one or the other. Usually we are strong in one area however we still have to spread the love to have a healthy bottomline.

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  • amy

    A really nice reminder thank you!

    I do think i can do a zillion things but do get a better result when I focus on one!

  • I think we are all guilty of this as long as we can remind ourselves to stop.slow down and do things well 🙂

    Thank you Amy

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