13 May 10

4 Step Guide to a Successful Business

1. Integrity- Too many businesses these days promise the world and do not deliver and it is really starting to drive me crazy! Please do not be one of them. If you have promised or quoted something you must deliver no matter what… In fact actually go an extra mile, go above and beyond your clients expectations. Always deliver have integrity and pride in everything you do.

2. Authenticity- Offer something different, do something different then anyone else. You must be authentic in every aspect of your life and business. There is no use hiding behind anything because your clients will not be able to resonate with you and therefore not buy.

3. Time Frames- If someone emails you ensure you get back to them within 24 a hour time frame. Show them that you care and you value them. Even if it’s “Thank you so much for your email. I will get back to you ASAP” or go that extra mile…. Call them get the ball rolling quickly by picking up the phone.
4. Respect- You and your business are growing and you’re making money. Remember why you are successful your clients and your database contribute to your success. Once you have a client you have to keep your client do not let your service drop, continue to go above and beyond and respond to there emails promptly, no matter whom you are in the business. You have to focus on existing clients and attracting new ones, both are crucial to your success.

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