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3 October 11

3 Things The Industry Experts DON’T Tell You!

Pardon my French but bloody hell some people just don’t get it! I have my ranty pants on so you will have to excuse my bluntness.

As I mentioned in my previous post Donald Trump says “If you can’t handle the pressure get a job”. Truer words have never been spoken. In this current economy boy does it bring out all sorts of crazy thoughts, accusations and “experts.” The aim of this is not to judge anyone or put anyone down but simply to shed some light and say we are all on this path together and if you can avoid some of these crazy notions and mistakes it will save you time, money and whole lot of stress.

  1. Knowledge is key:-When I started my first online business 6 years ago I spent over $10,000 on a site that looked gorgeous but was crap in the SEO department and Google really did not share the same love for my site. We didn’t know any better because we didn’t understand the internet and how it works. We also paid $50 a month for hosting which we thought was fair and reasonable because we didn’t know any better and we receive quotes that were all around the same price.

We had the entire business on the line here, so it was crucial that we begin to learn and quickly about how the foreign world wide web worked. I studied everything and anything I could get my hands on to get my head around it. Pretty soon we were dominating SEO, our ranking and realised that $50 a month for hosting is a joke. I now pay $14.90 a month on Bra Queen and around $6 a month for Busting Out, Renee Mayne and Bras Exposed, not too mention the cost to build my sites are MUCH lower then 10K. The first thing I say to my clients is even if you outsource your SEO, social media, book keeping or anything, you must have a basic understanding of how it works to ensure you’re not getting ripped off and it’s actually doing what it should.

Recently a business I know paid an absolute bomb for SEO on their site only to discover that it failed in many areas. Now this is were connections come in very handy my friend Jim over at helped me out by looking into this website then shared his expertise and knowledge for FREE. It took quite a bit a time for him to go through it however he did it as a favour to me, but also because he is passionate about what he does and he is fantastic at it. Now the business can move forward and work through the issues to create a cranking website with great SEO. If this wasn’t brought to our attention they would have continued to pay a premium price for something that wasn’t working.

LESSON: Know the basics at minimum about everything in your business and build rock solid relationships.

  1. Don’t get mad at the world wide web:- It’s really easy to blame the government, the internet, the carbon tax, the weather or mother in law for whatever isn’t going your way in your business. But that doesn’t solve a thing and don’t ask a question you aren’t prepared to hear the answer to. The day you think you know everything is the day you know nothing. Business owners ask me all the time about email marketing, conversions and expecting miracles “because everyone is spending money online”.

a. Making money online does not happen over night, think of it as another business. You have to do all the same things like create a business model, sales and marketing etc etc.

b. “If I sent out 100 emails why did only 10 go to my site?” Tell me for every 100 who walk past your shop how many come in? Be realistic about the results you expect.

c. “I sent out 2000 SMS’s why did only X amount go to my site?” Think about your call to action, you may think it will entice them however you may not be looking at it through their eyes. If you are trying to convert your data base to online and you are sending an SMS to everyone who has entered your doors in the last 10 years sorry to break it to you however not all of them are going to be raving fans AND that is a good thing. The people who do sign up to your site, you want them to love you and get to know you better…they are your loyal customers. You can have a list of 20,000 bodies who don’t really care about your business or 10,000 people who do. Which do you think will be more profitable?

  1. Some “Industry Experts” are not trust worthy:- For example I receive all sorts of information from various sources because I have my ear to the ground. I love that they are trying to educate businesses on e tail and m comm however not all information is wise information.

a. Capture ALL details: I’m sorry this is total BS, you MUST capture details a name and email is more then enough. However truth i,s most bricks and mortar stores want to capture the number, their postal address, their cats name, dogs name and their favourite ice cream. People do not have time for that! You can get that information later when they do buy or when they are ready to give it to you. Just today I went onto an “Industry Leaders” website and I couldn’t even LOOK at the content if I didn’t sign up and not just sign up enter my ENTIRE details, now that is just ridiculous.

b. Experts are also recommending it is crucial to have FREE postage online and factor it into your margins however this is NOT always the best option. From my experience most people want to see the cheaper price then add in postage IF it is a flat rate and they are aware of it before they reach the check out. Some people do prefer it to be factored into the price so it is something you will either have to trial or ask your customers.

Most people who have been online for a while and understand how it works say, if the break even on postage it’s a bonus, most lose a little money but for a long term gain. If you create a great customer experience, they will be back and tell their friends so those few dollars want hurt too much.

Look on the bright side-

Some will say “Oh I sold $1,000 worth of products but then I had to pay Paypal fees AND postage”

Me: “Was it new customers?”

Them: “Yes”

Me: “Well then I would say it was MORE then worth it. Big picture and change your mindset.”

Train hard to win easy, don’t just be positive be smart.


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  • Wow. I feel like half this post was written for me, and the other half by me (on a very good writing day!)

    I especially like point B) about postage. I totally agree about wanting to look at cheaper prices.

  • Heyya!

    That’s great, isn’t it great when you know you’re not alone in your thoughts and other businesses experience the same thing and that it is OK.

    Nice work

    Renee recently posted..A Lingerie Trade Show in NYC

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